Sunday, October 17, 2010

tokyo: fabric town in nippori

goodness, tokyo is so perfect in so many ways for me! their obsession with all things cute, smart home-styling ideas, super salty soup & delectable desserts!! my only gripe is my lack of japanese language skills. if only i spoke the language, i might NEVER leave this place!! but they have a million crafty things for me to work on!! im excited to get into sewing, quilting and maybe some knitting! the last one a little auntie..maybe i'll save that for old age!!

yesterday, i set my heart on finding fabric town! the funny thing is, that exactly where we lived when we first visited in march 2 years ago, right smack in the middle of nippori a lovely neighbourhood with heaps of quaint old snack places. we were never hungry in our little japanese hut!! back then i've read about this illusive fabric town, cash only, japanese-speaking grannies mostly, but never found it! well, its at Nippori on the Yamanote line and once you come out of the station, exit from the east exit. then follow signs (in english) towards fabric town! unless you're super keen on crafty and sewing, you're hardly gonna find this exciting but its an entire street dedicated to independant retailers of uber kawaii fabrics, trimming, lace, buttons and all that sorta stuff i dream of every single night! i spent the entire afternoon rolling in heaven, fingering each bale of fabric thinking of what i can do to it!!

and because i have no home (yet) and no paycheck (yet)... i was kinda well behaved on picked up only a few random bits and pieces to work on a gift for a friend by hand and some thrifted yardage of sparkley glittered fabric. might turn them into christmas ornaments or maybe a table running for the holidays!

daniel was very pleased i didn't spend our entire week's allowance on crafts.. tip of the iceberg, buddy. just the teeny weeny tip of the iceberg! :) 

yikes, i have no idea where the above picture came from. so if anyone does, please holler! and for the official english map of nippori fabric town, click here! i greatly recommend shopping at tomato and kumagai!! :)

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  1. i can see why you like that place!! its sooooo you!


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