Friday, October 15, 2010

the older the better..

i spent the afternoon at the used bookstore near jiyugaoka. they were mostly japanese books but i squatted by the road-side for hours leafing through all the pages one by one. there is something charming about old books. perhaps the gorgeous illustrations, the yellowed pages or little bookmarks left behind by previous owners. makes them even more special than ever. i also like the smell of old books!! i can't wait to check out Good Day Books in Ebisu & Blue Parrot Bookstore in Takadanobaba.

here are my finds from this afternoon:

1) japanese craft magazine (amazing pictures & templates)
2) the boxcar children - one of my fav storybooks when i was little..
3) breakfast at tiffany's - always a classic
4) winnie the pooh - also a classic

and lastly, harry the dirty dog.

one of my all-time favorite books. bring me back to my pre-college days when working part-time at the study center in the library. my "boss" was only a couple years older than me but so much more grown up. we would spend afternoons and afternoons wrapping books, barcoding and chatting our hearts out. but she is one of the most organized and neatest person i know and back then, i was.. young and messy. she had to follow me with a wipe cloth to clean up my craft & mess all the time. then we both grew up and stayed best of friends. and she is getting married this weekend by the beach to the love of her life. wish i was there to hold her train.

miss ong lai tart, harry the dirty dog loves you very very much!

i had an idea to put a few vintage pictures from storybooks into frames for our walls. might be a cute way to dress up the home!! will have a good think about it before i jump into that project. meanwhile, im making myself a pumpkin spiced chocolate drink and setting up a reading chair on our balcony.

first up in the stack.... winnie the pooh! 



  1. you've got your future kid's library all sorted out!

  2. tahahahaha! :) its not always about the future child! :)
    it feeds the kids in us as well! we get bedtime stories once in a while! and started getting tired of the same old snugglepots tale!!

  3. Yes, the framed vintage pictures would be gorgeous. And and... erhmm, this is a bit hard for a book lover like me but you got to check out deco ideas collated by Love and Lavender (if you aren't already reading their blog)

  4. oooo coool! :) thats super neat! :) thanks heaps!!


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