Saturday, September 11, 2010

wedding: behind closed doors..

after the room was set, everyone trooped into the bridal suite. all together at one time. while it was huge and luxurious but when you pack 12 girls in, with mothers and brothers, it was MAYHEM! there was not one quiet moment!! it was always "where is my heels?" or "june!? is my eyelast crooked?" or "mindy, can you blowdry my hair?".. reminds me of us getting ready for our prom-night!

my groomie found a quiet corner, got dressed and scooted. smart man.

and obviously it was not enough to just have one black dress and one pair of shoes, everyone had multiple options and was mixing and matching!! my friends are special like that...

my baby cousin who is so grown up now...

p.s. i love how im so "gracefully perched" on my make up chair. i look like a trishaw man.. *sigh*

my mother in law was lovely, she came to check on me so many times. and updated me all the time. "the candles are being lit", "the rehearsal went smoothly, and yes, mindy walked slowly down the aisle", everything's ok and breathe... life saver, she is..

meanwhile, some siblings worked on professing their love for me (and each other..) oh i love them sooo much...

a calm moment with the bosslady. she whipped everyone into shape, made sure people had appropriately stylish shoes, eyelashes and hair fascinators.. then turned around to make sure i was ok.

my lovely ladies awaiting!!! and then we had a mass room cleanup (a-la-zhing style) in the nick of time, im still so picky about weird things...

thought it was a little weird that i was glowing in a separate shade of orange. odd. so SPG. *sigh*.

and one last cuddle before i got veiled!! i love how sharp my parents looked!! xx

happy long weeeekened!! we're all geared up for some tennis and swimming and hari raya festivities!! woohoo!! dairy farm, here we come!!!


  1. I love random wedding shots!
    So nice and nostalgic when you go through the pics one by one ...and its funny how you will not get sick of looking at 'em. EVER!
    You look fantabulous Zhing. A very happy and radiant bride ;)
    I bet all that was possible with the heaps of love and support around you and of course from your loving beau.
    Really love the last pic you posted. Mum, Dad and you on your wedding day. Its a priceless pic that money cannot buy. And yes, ALL 3 of you looked sharp...and GORGEOUS!
    Love and Hugs,

  2. thanks triz!! :)
    glad to know i'll never get sick of looking. my mum still looks at them and the slideshows everyday! so adorable!! :) im so glad our wedding pictures turned out ok!! that was one of the things we were really hoping for!!

  3. i do too! :) make things a little more glamourous and moody!! (and me, less orange!!!)

  4. Lovely gown. Your parents do look very nice. :)

  5. thanks, joan!! :) the designer did a great job!!


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