Monday, September 13, 2010

one sunny sunday...

we packed a picnic basket full and took a short drive to botanic gardens.

we had rosemary ciabatta, sparkling water, champagne, strawberries, pasta salad and fancy olives. so indulgent!! camped out for a few hours watching kids run after a ball, exposed our toes to the delicious sunshine and met a black toy poodle named paris.

im definitely not "clucky" yet in fact, daniel thinks im very cagey when we talk about spawns. but this birthday party is so beautifully themed, make you wanna have babies now!!! (or nieces that you love very very much!) i can't wait to start making happythings for our new home!!

seriously, look at the precious leetle girl! she looks so contented with her cupcake! adorable!

i had such a lovely weekend, im a little sad to say bye! mister has one more week at work before we fly off. im starting my week off with a long and luxurious dimsum brunch with  !! weeeheee...

{pictures from stephmodo}


  1. love the cherry theme! finally something not 'princess' or 'pink' themed!

  2. I love love love the cherry lollies!

  3. i know!! despite being a SUPER pink girl... i love it when birthday themes get creative.
    we recently did one red polka dotted one styled after the girlie's favorite toy and one yellow one with bees (cause her momma calls her "B")!!! any ideas for your little one?
    so exciting!! i hope we have kiddos one day that love parties!!

  4. yeah!!! it makes me happy just looking at them!! :)

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