Thursday, September 16, 2010

me, my husband and what we own..

we're abnormally well-stocked for newly-weds!!

these people look like they can inherit our aromatheraphy candle collection...

and not only the regular inexpensive IKEA things, we have pretty awesome nice china, designer sheets and top notch wine tumblers.. im not even talking about the electronics, books, musical instruments and shoes yet.. and how about the oh-so-cute flipflop shaped cheese platter i needed to get from Atlanta, and my adorable dessert tier collection... AND OMG, our popcorn machine!!! and the dear husband has a penchant for sports involving intensive gears... *faint* we own the most ridiculous random things!!! the unfortunate bit is, we have no permanent home. but honest to god, we have enough to stock 3 homes, prolly half of cambodia and enough baubles to decorate orchard road at christmas!! you get the idea!

its an lethal combination of being excessively sentimental, weakness for funny, little, smart, useful things for the kitchen and our frequent moves. we got there slowly accumulating our best stuff from australia (him), usa (me), our balestier home (mostly him), my parents' home (me) and cambodia (us). each time we move, there are things we can't bring over, either too bulky or too fragile. then, we get excited and start buying new things for our new place and get sentimental when its time to return. then we bring them back AGAIN. and the whole cycle repeats.

where are your 2 pianos, 2 guitars, violin & trumpet? and excuse me, i don't see shelves full of fancy-schmancy ribbons & twine, folks!!!

frankly, i am scared to even think about the things we'd have to move back from japan. *gulp*

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  1. I am a hoarder too... but somehow after we got our own place, i'm more ready to throw stuff now cos we have so much stuff.. my room at my parent's place now become my storeroom for all things sentimental :)
    This image is quite apt for this post :)

  2. hahah it means you got more space to keep more stuff..
    our storage space is pathetically small and our stash keeps growing. how scary!


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