Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wedding: the ceremony

now for the best part, the wedding ceremony!

our celebrant, jon, who was also daniel's mentor and boss at work! followed by daniel & his best man, david. daniel later told me he was a bunch of nerves which is hilarious because we were legally married (as he always reminded me) and i was sitting in the room next door. so its not like i was gonna run away in fear. boys...

TWELVE bridesmaids...

the ceremony began with my gorgeous friends walking down the aisle to "Canon in D" played by daniel on the violin. mindy injured her ankle the day before and so needed some manly assistance prancing down the aisle.

so it was this x 12!! im still a little jealous i didn't get to see it..

cos i was chilling outdoors with my proud daddy!! literally!! just before this, while we were freezing our butts off in the cold, he gave me one last tight hug before we walked in.. made me think of all the times he was my no. 1 fan and my one unfaltering pillar of strength, then choke up (again..)

at the front of the aisle, my dad gave me a kiss and handed me over to daniel.

our mistress of ceremony, molly, orchestrated the entire ceremony so beautifully. i love her red dress and fascinator!

 the readings from my mum and aunt started with a tearful speech from mum, translated by ee..

unprepared, we were both sharing a single hankie, taking turns to blow our noses & dab our eyes. so classy..

and the poem from ah-ma, read so beautifully by my mother in law, susan.

i also made teng some cue cards and he was having a ball with them!!

then, we read our vows to each other (with the assistance of our iphone). and john shared a few words about love and marriage with us. and FINALLY, he announced that daniel could kiss me...

and so we did!!! *hurray* and presented the newly marrieds!! :)

yayy!!! done and done!! :) we're married...

our recessional music was "my life would suck without you" from glee. despite raising some brows, we thought it fit the upbeat mood at that point in the party. at home, we would always jump around to this song when we're cleaning. urm.. we might have bounced around a little with our bridal party and did the jiggley dance afer the whole ceremony!! how very unbridely..

next up, the party and dancing! then we're almost done! :) thanks for reading our wedding story AND for indulging.. just a few more and i can move on with my life!! 



  1. so looking forward for more pictures :)
    congrats once again!!
    the cue cards are funny....
    I am envious of the bridesmaids wearing black.. my mum would disown me.. I am already getting navy blue dresses and she isn't too happy.(old school)

  2. congrats!
    awww. that was so sweet! i always wanted to cry when i saw daddys walked their daughters to the aisle!
    Have a blissful marriage!
    will wait for more of your wedding pictures! ☺

  3. your papa is one proud daddy! :)

  4. aww
    So over the top thrilled for ya!
    U look phenomenal & the cue cards are downright whacky.
    And the dude holdin it, cuuuute...ha
    Thanks a mill for sharin ur wedding journey on the blog.
    Now it's a marriage!

  5. oh!!! i bargained soooo hard for it.. i wanted to wear a black gown as well to match my girls but my mum also threatened to disown me!!! hahah....

  6. p.s. my boobs were also 70 % foam on wedding day!! you're not alone!

  7. thank you!! :) it was my dream dress come to life!!

  8. Re: congrats!
    i had to really HOLD the tears back.. it was a very special moment. :)

  9. Re: aww
    hahaha... the cue cards were heaps of fun to play with. they brought it so many times througout the evening!! adorable! :)
    thanks for being next to me through so much, babe!!! i love you!! xx


  10. gosh i wish i was there for your wedding. but thank u for the updates! i feel like i was there anyway! good luck in japan!

  11. Love the cue cards that says "My Sis Is The Bomb!" Hahaha!
    Maybe I should do something like this for EVERY table... except that they wouldn't be calling me a sister, of course. ;p

  12. Re: ♥
    teehee!! :) its alright hon!! you were celebrating from afar! :)
    thanks.. packing is a nightmare. we own more things than a middle family with 20 children. 0_0

  13. you should!! its very cute and turn out great in pictures. and sooo easy to make. i literally ran it through my home b/w printer..
    i made 3 for my brother, that one you saw, "applause" and "we do" (for the group vows)..

  14. haha... well, it still needs a sizable 30% to look this hot :)
    Tot you were going to use anemones?

  15. looks like a very fun wedding. congrats! :)

  16. hahah you're so sweet!! :)
    sharp eyes!!! i did order them but they were too teenytiny for bouquet. and so i used them for our table centerpieces instead.. they opened just in time for the wedding eventually!! :)

  17. thanks, hon! we had tonnes of fun...

  18. Re: aww
    I love you more!
    What other cue cards were there?

  19. Re: aww
    "we do." (for group vows), "applause" and the one you keep seeing... :) :)

  20. amazing! :)
    Hi sweeetie
    I am only reading this now can you imagine!!! I love all the details, you looked stunning and the cue cards are adorable!!!! I love you so so much!!! xxx

  21. Re: amazing! :)
    thanks hon!! i love you too!!! xx


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