Friday, September 3, 2010

in bed..

my body is on strike. as if to complain about the wedding craziness, copious amount of food and long nights or frequent travel schedules we've kept for the past months, it is refusing to get out of bed.

i've been bed-ridden for a week.. or rather, i've been instructed to be bed-ridden for a week but have been sneaking out.. (with my mask on to protect the innocent) i don't know what's next but i've been sick with every possible bug there is. and the meds im taking is an entire cocktail of drugs. yucks.

anyway, i've also been a little blue because the brothers have left for their respective colleges and countries. and it will be urm.. christmas till i see them again. it was a little depressing sending them one day after another at the airport.. sometimes i wonder why we picked such faraway places to go to..

on a more positive note, our kick-ass photographer is awesome and has sent me some pictures! so wedding recaps to come!!

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  1. oh dear... hope u recover soon
    when r u jetting off again? Don't forget to meet me!!

  2. yes yes!!! when im better, don't wanna pass to zac!!!
    does he go to school during the day time everyday???

  3. thanks babe!! hope you're back's better too!!!

  4. thanks love!!! they loook gorgeous!!! :) :)
    made me smile!!! :) :) :)

  5. muz keep up your spirits so you can get well faster! =)

  6. Oh gosh, didn't know you're sick babe! You were still so chirpy in your emails. :) Get well soon!

  7. im gonna be better by next week confirm!!!
    hahaha im ALWAYS chirpy. even in person when im dead sick! :) :)

  8. Hope you're feeling better already!

  9. am indeed!!! :) all nursed back to health!!! *hugs*


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