Sunday, September 19, 2010

i have a teenyweeny crush..

on alex from so you think you can dance, season 7. i've always had a thing for man-ly ballet boys but alex takes it to yet another level. his pointe, his physique and and... ya. ok im gushing.. each time alex gets on the stage, i am reduced to a teenybopper screaming fan.. we're a little behind but we just finished watching season 7 and im beyond smitten. in the mere 3 weeks he performed, he did some pretty amazing pieces.. im in awe.

click here and here for his dances from the show. both equally breathtaking.. but the contemporary routine is week ONE!! like woah!!

if he had stayed through the show, im pretty sure he would have made it to the top.


  1. dance!!!
    I love alex and his dance!!!! anyway this is my favourite SYTYCD contemp piece!!!!

  2. Re: dance!!!
    OMG that one is awesome! I love travis wall. he later became a choreographer and did some amazing pieces too!!
    so inspired!!! xxx
    good luck with work this week!!!
    love love!!!


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