Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wedding: cocktail hour

this packing nonsense consumes your life! literally. even my blog/wedding/wedding-blog obsession has taken a backseat..

ah.. yes, the COCKTAIL hour!! immediately after the ceremony, we had little butler-passed canapes & cocktails all round. i didn't get to the mixed cocktails but the champagne was delicious! and we started making our rounds. daniel was holding me back so as any self-respecting lady would, i picked up my skirt (in a not very ladylike fashion) and started making my way around the room! there were so many people to say hi to and so many people to hug...

like boon, my dear friend, who gave the best squeezes...

like mr fujino in the background, most of our guests were in coats and tails. exactly how we requested! CUTE!! a few days later, i was telling my father in law a story about a friend. excitedly, i described him as "you know? that asian boy in the black tux on the dance floor", only to be met with a teasing "young lady, you're describing almost half of your wedding guests.." hahaha...

then oh-so-efficiently, our friends from dance unlimited, rachel and suman took over the dance floor and whipped everyone into action!!

everyone joined them in a HUGE salsa dance class..

backgrounder for agnes: daniel & i met at salsa dancing. we were firstly dance partner then life partners. so obviously, dancing is very important to our lives and we wanted to share a little bit of that at our wedding with our guests. and our friends, who are professional teachers, agreed to give our guests a quick crash course. initially, we were worried no one will dance so we made our bridal party promise they would. but we were delighted cos we had so many sporting guests there was spillover into the dining area!! some of them even brought their dancing shoes to change into!!

fortunately, everyone looked like they were having fun..

even when there weren't enough boys!!!

then we were formally introduced as "mr and mrs allender" and sprung into our wedding tango. firstly, we're not tango dancers but daniel really loves this beautiful tune, "por una cabeza" on the violin and always wanted to dance to it. so took the plunge and had intensive private classes in singapore.

we had a lot of fun learning it and were both very thankful the dancefloor was suitably dim for our item. AND there was no videographer. (thank.you.god.) and we kept telling ourself it was the journey that mattered more than the destination...

destination: buenos aires

toodles to the noodles!!


  1. SO nice... I hope one of my girls will do a dance for her wedding. Her father has already choped the 1st dance.. haha..

  2. you guys met through dancing? how cool!!! have you been dancing for long?

  3. You two look so cute in the Tango pic :)

  4. ♥ the tango picture hunz! you & D look SO profesh!! :)

  5. Small world
    Hi Zhing!
    I have been a follower of your blog as an ex-Singaporean who now lives in Melbourne, and loves all things pretty.
    Small world - I'm a salsa dancer and used to perform with Suman! AND I've also delivered a wedding salsa class at Quat Quatta for my own salsa students at their big bash!
    Your wedding looked wonderful, well done on all your preps!

  6. Re: Small world
    hi sharon! yes small world!! :) did they manage to catch you when they were in town? it was kinda hurried as we ambitiously fitted in a roadtrip after that to yarra valley!!
    how awesome! the same venue too!! must tell them about it this weekend!!

  7. hahahah good things we only have pictures!! :)
    i love this one too! for ONCE in my life, i look like i have a butt!!! :) :)

  8. haha.. we were both trying to contain ourselves, not forget the moves and not step on each other!
    but it was one of our proudest moments as a couple!! :) :) so totally worth it. once again, thank god for dim lighting..

  9. yeah we did! we were salsa dance partners! :) :) nice to have a common hobby and remind ourselves that we have to keep up with it!
    i have been dancing since i was a little girl in ballet and chinese dance but daniel started with salsa!! he's very good tho, we're on par!

  10. i LOVE your husband! he is so sporting..
    me and my dad also did a father and daughter dance (with professional dance class of course) and it was one of my personal highlights for the evening. lucky ed, he gets to do it twice (or maybe 3 times, now!) :) :)

  11. Tango is so hot... I've always tried to get K to go learn the waltz with me but he is convinced hes got 2 left legs and will NOT go with me :(

  12. i waltz with my dad. and waltz is unbelievably difficult!!
    maybe its the slow counts and the precision of the rise and fall. tango was much easier and looked more dramatic!! :) faster too..
    its kinda like walking, very intuitive. K should really give it a go! :)

  13. Heya
    Would love to see a vid of your tango with your boy!

  14. Re: Heya
    hahaha thank god there is no videographic evidence! :) so it remains as perfect in our minds. heaven knows what the guests saw and thought!!


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