Sunday, August 1, 2010

a super cute wedding video..

last evening, we attended our LAST wedding as "unmarried" singles!! its a little crazy to be still attending weddings that close to our own, but i wouldn't miss it for the world. the wedding was beautiful filled with special touches delightfully put together by my old old friend, chewy. we caught up a little via our blogs and wedding planning process cos we've been missing each other for the past few years! the wedding was personal, fun and the bride looked amazing!! and so so happy. and so grown up..  *tear* i was too happy for her!!!

im at home stuffing in more glass jars into our luggage and daniel is busy putting in his last bit of work in before our wedding and has been awake in the wee hours on sunday in the office. ( at least im hoping its his last bit..) so i think this might not be the best time to bug him to edit wedding pictures from last night for my blog!

meanwhile, check this super duper fun wedding video! its hilarious and filled with so much joy it make me happy just watching it.

tell me.. was it a mistake to cut videography out of our wedding?!?


  1. hello lovely! i absolutely adore the video! embedded it on my blog too! hope u dont mind. it's so sunny. and yes, i think there should be a video for weddings dear. they capture a spirit that pics alone cant do.
    happy sunday love.

  2. OMG
    I am seriously gonna regret not coming for your wedding. It looks set to be the wedding of the century with all the lil details. Oh my. Ur are truly one awesome bridezilla.
    Damn, no vid?! Why not. I was hoping to look at the tt if I did miss your wedding. Sigh.

  3. of course not!! glad you liked it!!! :)
    i have many memories of me hating how i look in TV production class. oh wellll too late! :)

  4. Re: OMG
    hahaha.. its alright dear, its really a long long way to travel! i understand!!
    hope the pictures will be sufficient!! :)

  5. I LOVE that video... so fun!!!
    oh my no vid?! Nvm, at least theres pics :)
    Its this Sunday right?
    Excited excited excited for you!!!

  6. i love that video. i made my coworkers watch it! everyone in the video looks SO quirky! I want that kind of wedding!!! my future bf/husband better know that

  7. hhaha!!! ;0 good to keep as reference now then! :) just in case!!!

  8. haha!! :) yeah . i had phobia after a video project, i looked awesome on video. and i hated my mannerisms..
    so we axed it!!! a little tinge of regret now!!!
    yes its this sunday! we're in the freezing cold melbourne now, just came back from IKEA with heaps of candles!

  9. thank you you and daniel for attending our wedding. it was so awesome to have almost all our loved ones there. and the day was a pretty a-maaaaa-zaing experience!!!
    i hope you both will have an equally wonderful day and i am so sorry i can't be there to witness it. but i wish for you beautiful weather, milder temperatures and all the love!
    i also apologise for not being able to properly catch up / talk to you at the wedding but you'll have to realise you won't be able to too! enjoy the moment because it will be over in a blur!!!!
    and eat! don't forget to eat!
    i love you! XXXXX

  10. i love you too sweetie! I jsut typed you a thank you gchat sms. terrible!! :) i will make up for it proper after the wedding!!
    i'll email you proper!!! promise!!!
    have a great move to usa. my FAVORITE place on earth. i have friends in hilton head. not quite where you are but they are lovely people so let me know if you wanna meet them! :)
    love love love!!!


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