Friday, July 30, 2010

diy :: wedding flipflops

just when you think im done with my bridal ramblings, i never fail to come back with more!

daniel and i love our flipflops. on a regular day, you'd most likely find us in flipflops. i bring an extra pair whereever i go so i can change out of heels and walk about in them. i even got my boss started on that, as my judybob would proudly coin in true-blue flipflop trend! :)

i too wanted our wedding guests to dance all night long, and i really mean like whole night! so for the poor ladies that i instructed to wear awesome heels, i felt like i HAD to do this for them!

scoured through the stores in america for inexpensive flipflops in oldnavy, each one less than $2.50.

add a little zhing to it...

and a little tag to tell you which one to pick.. HAD to sneak the baker twine in!!

i hope our guests will love them and wear them all night. wedding guests, please do join us on the dance floor! it'll be fun, i promise! :)

your fav. bridezilla.


  1. I'm totally impressed how the flipflops were 'transformed' in your hands! *clap hands*

  2. itchy hands... i just couldn't live with plain flipflops!
    that drives daniel up the wall though.. my innate desire to bling EVERYTHING we own. one day, i'll cover the fridge with crystals! :)

  3. LOVE the zhinged up fliflops!!!! Makes me want a pair too!! And LOVE the tag!!!

  4. oh i can't claim credit for the tag though... i got the design from hellolucky! online stationery designer! :)

  5. u make me wana gatecrush your wedding gal!!!
    The flipflops are so yummy, i think u can sell them!
    Anywho, u have fun on this special day! :)
    Pictures pictures pictures

  6. I didn't realise you were getting married on the EXACT same date Chris and I got married a year ago, lol!!

  7. really?? :) happy anniversary in advance!

  8. really??? wah!! what a compliment!! if you think its pretty, then means i pass!! :)

  9. awesome little gift for the ladies! im sure they'll sneak the flipflops home!

  10. yeah!! its meant for them to take home too !:) i dont wanna keep THAT many pairs of flipflops!!!

  11. cool!! I'm so going to "chope" one for myself...

  12. you know the trade off! :) :) :) bachata all night! :)


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