Sunday, June 27, 2010

hello.big apple.i've missed you.

we just touched down in JFK and have been completely spoilt silly by dear alex!!

i've scoffed down several slices of L&B pizza, icecreams, hotsdogs, chips, soda and heaps of pomegranate candy! we also crashed someone's home bbq party and had a copious amount of yummy chargrilled meat. and for the record, we've only been here for less than 24 hours!!! something in the new york air just makes me wanna eat up the whole world!!! oh well! :) you only live once!

urm.. my freshly dyed (BLACK) hair is looking a little wirey & bleached!! grumps!

this pretty sunday morning, we're headed to coney island today, home of nathan's hotdog, for some sunshine and good summery fun! i'm dragging the boys to every candy store, freak show and rollercoaster ride! im such a huge fan of carnivals! they're the happiest place on earth, right next to disneyland.

daniel also decided that we'll shelve the wedding planning for this two weeks and ENJOY!! and im a little guilty to admit that its the best decision ever. for once in 12 months, i woke up without a mental (and physical) checklist of wedding to-dos! im sure getting back into the groove after this break would be a pain but, as our best man says, we'll burn that bridge when we cross it! :)

meanwhile, hope you're enjoying some sun and sand in whichever corner of the world you're at! :)


  1. have a swell time babe! u & daniel! :)

  2. thanks sweets, summer in NYC is like a dream!!

  3. Me too...
    I wish I was with you hon... Say hi to ALEXY!!!

  4. Re: Me too...
    me too.. i wished so too!!! :( i just told the boys that yesterday!! :(
    but NYC is awesome as ever. im so glad that didn't change...

  5. i miss nyc too! esp in the summer!
    and i love the tones of that photo!

  6. thank you!! :) i'll let the photographer know! :)


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