Tuesday, June 29, 2010

respondez sil vous plait..

i just found out that the fiance/husband has been telling his mates to send there RSVP in if not he'll be in deep trouble. *grr* so not the truth! im such a zen wife, why would i care?

i've not written about sending our invites but it has been such a wooly mammoth task sending them out. even with our best efforts, and our uber organized address book, we're still periodically dropping new ones in the mail, some got lost, some we goofed up the addresses.. just a random tip, always always print extra invites to make provision for such instances. we even have odd balls who are not invited but written to request for an invite to keep. how peculiar.. (hope you're not reading my blog! if you are, i love you still!)

with the RSVP deadline around the corner, i'd like to remind our guests/friends that is NOT cool to keep your RSVP card. its already stamped, in whichever country you're in, so sing a happy tune and skip to the post office TODAY!! :) it would seriously make our day to receive it. even if you can't come, you're triple forgiven if you drop us a kickass rsvp card! we do a jiggley cheer each time an invite comes in! no really. we do.

and just cos we love a little competition here and there, we're keeping a tally of our response rates. like a popularity contest. so please, zhing's friends, please please pull up your socks and send them in! :) i'll buy you candy!

see how relaxed i am about the whole deal?

well, maybe i'll be a little less highly strung if we lived in a charming cottage like this! :) amazimg innit?


  1. You're a funny gal. Good luck with the RSVP and everything babe!

  2. confirming guests is such no fun :) Stay cool!

  3. yes what is up with the mail! i posted invites only in SG and some friends did not receive them! sorry i cannot return the rsvp card as yet. I'll do it when i get back to SG first thing!!

  4. YIKES!!! then how? did you ask your dad and sis to resend??
    no worries babe! i totally understand. im just refering to the other 27465 people i sent to who are hogging their invites!!

  5. it really is not man!! esp in singapore.
    i just sent my american cards and already have RSVPs. THREE days! amazing difference! :)

  6. thanks hon! :) today is our RSVP deadline!!! *sweat*


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