Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wedding inspiration: for the raffles

happy monday! :) im particularly inspired over this weekend and completely filled with love! we bumped into some ex-clients and wonderful vendors at the wedding and had long and good chats with them. its nice when work peeps turn into friends! i've been a little flat and stressed on the work front. so its great to rejuvenate and get back into the wedding groove, just in time for our own!

so, the last soiree in our wedding celebration is to be held in singapore. we started hatching that plan when we learnt that it was impossible for grandma to travel to australia and there were a few close friends my parents would like to invite. so we thought just a simple dinner to tick all those formality boxes. but you know i'd be lying if i said i'm totally hands off but i guess one thing led to another and now we have an elaborate dinner for 200. themed, venue styling by spellbound, personalized stationery and in short the full works. but i guess its all good in the hood, any excuse for my family to party.

BUT here are some images and inspiration that guided the wedding concept:

i've loved mexican papel picados for a long long time. they kind remind me of the chinese paper cutting, just more modern. we also picked red and white and the colour scheme in honour of my grandmother who has a strong opinion of what colours are associated to wedding celebrations. and the whole place would be filled with red roses. hope that makes her a happy lady! :)

im also using a mixture of paper cutting motifs as part of my stationery concept and venue styling. im completely enamoured by famille summerbelle work! its so pretty and intricate.

and my much coveted dessert buffet. i know, been done to death, but i simply can't pass on having an abundance of sweet treats at our own wedding. not when the desserts are home baked by your own super talented bunch of aunts. initially was shy to ask but now everyone, cousins and niece included are coming forth with dessert offerings. we have desserts spilling out from our ears!! we even get options!! SWEET!!! :) we're so so loved. so lucky.

and these gorgeouse satin heels from christian louboutin. so so pretty! won't it would look gorgeous peeking from under my kua! unfortunately, they are sold out from almost a year ago.. but one can still dream, right?

what do you think, folks? :)

oh! and have a lovely week ahead, darlings!!

zhing xx


  1. i wonder if the mexicans copied the chinese or the chinese copied the mexicans on the 'paper cutting' thingy?!
    the shoes are damn lovely!! how much is a pair of CL actually?

  2. this one was retailing at 350 pounds on net-a-porter. that was in 09.
    in singapore stores, the prices average around $1000 dependin on styles. you get more colours and designs if you purchase from the states, esp now that the USD is low!: )

  3. thats like a pair of ferragamo!
    i ♥ ferrgamo shoes!! soooooooooo pretty! =)
    1k?! omg!!
    yesss USD is quite low now!

  4. u wanna try those party shops opposite bugis junction for balloons? They have quite a variety although i'm not sure what's the biggest size they have.

  5. yes i will!! :) so far the ones i've visited in novena and beach road area has normal or silver balloons only! :(


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