Saturday, May 22, 2010

fridays are for lovin'!

i believe in pink, i believe in kissing kissing a lot and i believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
- audrey hepburn

im so in love with this craft from inchmark. it makes me all warm and mushy inside when i see the adorable stick figure sketches. they're the cutest!! i reckon nothing will brighten up a day as easily as happy colours and M&Ms. and talk about M&Ms, im stoked!! im in a favour-packing factory line this weekend as part of my bridesmaid duties. i reckon my dear bridey friend has no clue what she was asking for when she recruited my help. cos i love love love M&Ms and im very discreet (but talented) in pilfering! :) i hope she factored in extras! :) 

and im working on my first wedding in marina bay sands *fingers crossed* and getta see my wisteria tree concept come to life tomorrow!! and the boy is coming home!! and i see triston and flo again!!! weehee!! 

hope you guys have lovely plans too! have a beautiful weekend, folks!


  1. Remember to post pictures of your wisteria tree! I want to see it!

  2. Ooh, the wedding is going to be very nice at MBS!

  3. it was kinda cute in decor. but the video skipped on us SEVEN times. booo... :(

  4. i will babe! :) when i get the pikkies from triston!
    heard you're using triangles too for your wedding! i can't wait it would be soooo fun! :)


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