Monday, May 10, 2010

this morning...

we woke up in korea! :)

it has been a whirlwind weekend with frantic SOS-shopping-tips-please emails, frantic hotel searches and a crazy rush to stick more things into our luggage bag. till now, i can already think of frivolous BUT absolutely essential things i left behind. but i guess i'll just have to cry myself to sleep without my delicious sweet-smelling hand cream and my lavender pillow mist! bah..

there is some big-shot IT convention happening in town this week so the rooms all over are booked out. but we're very lucky to have friends with great hotel resources. so we're camping out at the shillah for this week! huzzah for best friend, judy! i heard great things about their guerlain spa and can't wait to check them out! but the best part is, judy works minutes away from our hotel room so we can sneak in little lunch dates here and there! just like old times!! i like it!! 

hello, room & namsan tower! sweet! (profesh picture from hotel's website)

im very excited to explore the city this week alone while the kids are at work. the last few times we visited, they were for specific purposes and we've covered most of the touristy to-dos. and i've not mentioned it but it has always been a dream to spend a week leisurely in a different city. just to be able to sit and read at a cafe and wander down quaint little stores, giggle at cute stationery and grab bites off the street. korea is perfect for that sorta wandering and i can't think of a better time for alone time to take long walks, reinspire myself and put things in perspective.

p.s. thanks for all the sweet msgs for the strawberry hearts!! :) i really really appreciate it! kimchi kisses to all!


  1. The Shillah is gorgeous... what a nice place to spend the week... i love the shopping in Seoul... can't wait till i'm back there...

  2. do you travel for work very often to korea??
    i was inspired by your jeju pictures to visit but i think this trip is too short for that!! :(

  3. hahaha!! :) finding my seoul! :) haha! :)

  4. Yes, Koera is one of the countries i cover. But i don't get to go there often enough... avg only 2-3 times a year. So i always bring an extra luggage with me to lug my shopping back :) K figured even if i paid the extra baggage cost, it would still be worth it haha...
    You have got to try the BBQ and Jap place behind the Westin Chosun. They are great!

  5. missed out on your bbq & jap place! but i guess i'd just have to go back!!
    i love korea! but somehow i feel like travelling there is a bit more difficult than like japan. my limited korean phrases and their poor english translation always results with slighty weird food orders on my dining table... :(


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