Thursday, May 13, 2010

in seoul: rice ice-cream & all that good stuff

traipsing down the streets of garosu-gil arm in arm with judy was such a nice treat. it has been ages since we've shopped together and had time to just hang out and chat mid afternoon with a drink in hand. the street was filled with stylish looking people even tho it was only mid-week. and heaps of online shop owners with their huge camera gear with satorialist-style streetside photoshoots. very enterprising and creative bunch there!! the street was interesting to look at and the shops there are super cute and all very fun to poke your noses into! (thanks yilian!!)

judy was having a ball pointing out models, super celebrity stylists and korean whathaveyous to me but since i didn't know them at all, they were just as interesting as any other stylishly clothed person down the steet! but when we were in french sole oohing and ahhing over their ballet flats, judy suddenly shrieked "ZHINGY ZHINGY!! ITS... OMG... ITS DANIEL!!!" haha.. funny how in the whole BIG busy of seoul, we found my husband outside french sole, with his manly work mate and their grown up suits, taking a picture for me! when we finally gathered our thoughts and giggles, and picked up the phone to call, he was quite a fair bit away and told me to keep walking in that direction cos there's a kate spade down the road. teehee.. super big star for him! :) well, and i guess plus points for us not catching him with another chickie mid-day at work.

anyhow, if you visit korea, check out that cosy little street! :) a must-do!! :) and while you're there, pop into little gelato shop at the end of the street tucked in a little corner. their selection was ginormous. but it was a shame our dude was not as generous with his samplings so we ended up with one odd selection!

rice icecream, cereal icecream and soy vanilla (weird) in yellow.. the rice icecream had a delicious aftertaste and little rice bit in it. yums!! a definite winner!

all the flavours in the multi-coloured ice-cream counter are written in korean and italian mostly but has little english key-words in the corner! pretty easy to identify with the pictures and the english key words. they have a bunch of interesting flavours like cheese and white wine, and ginseng!! and chilli!! for the daring peeps out there. but i lived here in korea i'll definitely be camping out here all the time! :)

perfecto! :)

548-5 Shinsa-dong
Seoul, Korea


  1. how fun to go traipsing around korea with your mate!

  2. I'm happy you took my recommendations too! :D

  3. i know.. i miss that so so much. *sigh* grown up life really takes you away from all that fun!!

  4. weeheee! :) it was SUPERB! i loved ALAND! :) turns out i've been there before too!!! and got myself a super cute vintage dress up doll brooch the last time! i got a bunch of cutie jewellery and hair pins.
    the clothes there are awesome but truth is, its tooo trendy for me! im so auntie!!! hahah! i saw many pieces and flats that would look AWESOME on you though!! :)

  5. *nods* grown up stuffs is of no fun!

  6. ya. way more fun when we were kids and living off a paycheck from daddy!!
    those were the days! :) oh well, at least now we can travel where we like for as long as we like.. thats a fair-ish trade off!

  7. haha i dun like living off a paycheck from the dad!
    i think i love my current age! not too young cos ive got earning power, yet not too old cos i still can go around travelling! :D~~

  8. hahah im a leech. i had an awesome time feeding off daddy! but i guess you are right! we're at our best now!!
    i think in future when we have other commitments, it would be hard to travel as easily! :)

  9. we are at our glorious years now! =)
    esp when little kiddos starting to pop up/out! i think its club med (cos of their fantastic baby/kids minding service) for the first 5-8 years, and then disneyland for the next 5 years!~~
    maldives and those romantic locations holidays can go kaput out of the windows until they are MUCH MUCH older! O.o

  10. boohoo .. thats when we're also MUCH MUCH older. with hanging bits off the top of our swimwear!!
    better book in that trip to maldives now !:)

  11. maldives and mauritius are gonna sink soooon. think another 10 years?!


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