Sunday, May 30, 2010

gatecrashing 101: doing your homework

and everyone will go home with a little slice of pie!! :) we redeemed an awesome first-anniversary gift for our bride this morning with a legally binding contract, completed with heart shaped paper, kisses and witnesses! score! :) better than any angpow or punishment for the groom!!

been there, done that a gazillion times but something feels different when you're giving away your own friend in marriage. *tear* here's to many many years of happy marriage ahead!!

happy weekend, folks.


  1. So what's the crux of the contract? But I agree, what an *awesome* idea! Any punishment or financial pinch only lasts for a day. But a contract for the future? Priceless and 'prolonged'!!! *Muahahaha!*

  2. he is to get her an anniversary present on or before their anniversary date from tiffany & co, purely at her discretion! :)


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