Thursday, May 27, 2010

life on a thursday morning

still loving wedding buttons. evidently.

this week has been filled with random wedding errands, we're up to our necks assembling our DIY wedding invitations. it has gone to print so we're dwindling thumbs and throwing family conferences if the envelope liner goes with the adressee tag and everything matches the sender tag.. and urm how about the sealant. who knew an envelope could mean so much trouble!!

just sayin', this might be one of the wedding crafts i least enjoyed working on. it just took too long and the end result looked kinda simple, just the way we wanted it but every single font type, size and spacing has been seriously debated over. but im glad that both me and daniel now know how to use photoshop rather efficiently. there is still a world of photo editing and design out there but if it were not cos of our wedding invites, we'd have never learnt it ourselves. so i guess thats our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. :)

in other news, i'd like to share my current wedding/life mantra. just saying it doesn't help but im getting there! 

"don't let the details become bigger than the purpose.


  1. hahah.. i SO get what you are saying... i must have had like version 30 or something for the invite i designed.. and cos i'm the only one with some degree of photoshop knowledge, i had to make ALL the changes... all 30 versions of tiny changes! :)

  2. hahaha!! me too. but i must admit version #423 is actually much better than #1. just that i could have gotten there in 5 mins if i knew exactly what i wanted!!!
    maybe less blood vomitting if i had hired a professional stationery person.


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