Tuesday, April 27, 2010

australia 2010: the wedding part deux

the wedding reception was held in a tent in the backyard their parent's vacation home! when we arrived in robe, we joined the wedding elves in getting the tent dressed up for the festivities to come, which included stringing fairy lights, hanging lanterns and tying balloon bunches! 

all fun stuff!! come to think of it, i guess that how you tell if you love what you do right? but i must admit its more fun when its not as stressful and when you're doing it for someone you love!!

loosely bunched wild flowers in mason jars as centerpieces...

their bonbonnieres!

adorable children everywhere!! and even then, still weren't clucky. :)


merry and married! :)

totally can't see khuu's tie here but its the CUTEST! we picked it for him as a wedding gift with prints of pink and grey dashchunds!! i loved it soo very much! can't think of a quirkier guy to receive it. he promised to wear it all the time. with shirts and shorts! hah! thats our best man for you! :)

wedding cake baked by the bride... super yummy served with berry sauce and a generous scoop of icecream.

at this point, i was brimming with wedding envy. everything was so well thought of and personal. the canapes were from mrs khuu's own kitchen and everyone in the wedding brought something to the table. food and drinks were generous you can literally fill the house bursting with love!! even though the party ended in the afternoon, there were guests lingering till late at night, dancing and hitting the oven for seconds

(or in my case *coughs* fifths..)

on our long drive home, both of us agreed that we'd give anything to have a wedding half as warm and fun as their! who needs impeccably matched stationery and oh-so-perfect dream flowers when you have a roomful of guests that truly care and love you. we were sold. we are cancelling our expensive horse-driven carriage ride, selling our indulgent wedding dress/tux and getting married in a muumuu, barefoot on the beach in hawaii only witnessed by the sun and sand. my hippie parents-in-law would definitely approve.

hah. just kidding.

seeya later, robe! we'll definitely be back! :*)


  1. it is!! :) you should go with matt one day! just really relaxed and quiet little town!!!
    thanks for the contact again!! he responded!!
    zhing xx

  2. Hee, would love to! Stupid matt said he'll never stay in Sydney or Melbourne cos they're way too cold for him... Boring. I'll love to live in Melb one day!
    Yayy, hope it's all positive! I have the impression he's quite expensive though, is he?

  3. he has not quoted me yet! waiting on bride to decide on some details! i'll let you know!
    it's cold but it means you can have a winter wardrobe and awesome coats and furry thingmagigs! :)


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