Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the economics of a bicycle.

one of the first things we got here in phnom penh is our own wheels. nothing fancy, just simple step thru bikes that had a tinkley bell and a sturdy basket up front. i batted my eyelashes for some pink tassles but was promptly turned down. something along the lines of being too old.. but by far, this has been one of out best buys ever. like ever ever!! here is the math!

each day, average of (2) return trips = 4 x $2 (cost of a tuktuk ride) = $8
each month = $160
we've been here for almost 12 months = $1920
cost of each bicycle = $38

doesn't take a genius here but woah!! thats huge savings!! and given the traffic here, we're pretty lucky to have gotten away with only a flat tire (him), a bump on the back wheel by a car (him) and  one motorcycle burn mark (meeeee.... boohoo..) but the adventures it has taken us on, priceless.

picture from oh joy!


  1. ahh how wonderful to have your own wheels!
    is it not advisable to drive there?

  2. no.. definitely no... cars, bikes, tuktuks, animals come from all direction at any given time. unless you're used to this traffic it can be very dangerous!!! :)
    at least bicycle, i tell myself, i go really slow..

  3. i see, ok, better to be safe on the roads!


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