Tuesday, March 23, 2010

chic on the cheap: bridesmaid dresses

i've been asked to be bridesmaid for my adorable friend,   who is getting hitched in the middle of this year! and she very sweetly wanted to get us coordinated bridesmaid attire.. yayyyy! i love! :) excellent cos matching outfits make really pretty bridal party pictures! and there is absolutely no chance that someone will come in an off-tone!! what a great idea! :) 

here are some beauties i found from the endlessly fascinating world of blog-shops while scouting around for suitable bridesmaid togs!

isn't this model gorgeous? she makes me wanna buy every dress in her shop and wear it with a flower behind the ear! :) my friend picked the minty one in the middle for us girls!! its so pretty and you can vary the way you wear the top!!! all dresses from bonitochico.

isn't the first from the left super duper cute! it looks like you can swishy it on the dancefloor all night long! all dresses from pearl lavish.

and very sharp looking cocktail dresses from loef. im completely smitten by their dresses! :) so versatile you can wear it to work and out for a party later! :) 

and here comes the best part! no only do you not have to rumble through bales is just the right ellusive shade of lavender, pick a design and make your girls go down for multiple fittings, you can buy it literally at a click of your fingers and they will be delivered right to your doorstep. perfect for the busy-bride!! and the icing on the cake is every dress above is priced at SGD$30 or below! (excluding shipping) awesome, eh?


  1. you know, i LOVE bonitochico's dresses!! alas not everything can fit me! boooooooooooooooooooo =\
    that cyan dress is a lovely shade! absolutely perfect for the bridemaids! :)

  2. ya my sisters shop so much online, especially the bonitochico blogshop! it's getting out of hand!!!

  3. its so cool! :) i sound so swaku raving about it even!

  4. oh crappp! i hope it can fit me!!! nervous now. i naturally assume cos its loosely fitting, it means one size fit all!! *faint*
    its a lovely colour n matches her theme to the "T"! :)

  5. can lah, you are so petite!
    bonitochico's dresses usually up till 17" across only =(

  6. 17" across sounds pretty tight!! fingers crossed!! they've really really pretty stuff tho!! i think one of the better ones i've looked at!

  7. i bought this!
    its arriving in the mail tomorrow or thursday! hope it fits well so i can wear it for a wedding dinner on sun!

  8. ooo thats a very pretty fabric! :) take pictures when you wear it!! :)


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