Tuesday, December 1, 2009

love is all you need..

wow! what a weekend! we're back and settled back into our cosy nook in cambodia. just in time for us to start packing again for japan this weekend!! *phew*

just this past few days, we celebrated the following:

1) our first year anniversary since our engagement! can't believe it has been ONE year!! we celebrated on the plane home. daniel found his proposal speech and did me the honour by "re-proposing" again! (with NO bent knees and big diamond. whats that all about!!) i realized back then i was overwhelmed by the sparkles (hah!) and everything else that there were little things he promised but i didn't notice. and yes, my darling, my answer is still "of course, you silly!"

2) i gave judybob away to lucasbob in a beautiful beautiful wedding. it was personal yet pretty. and oh the flowers!!! and most of all, she looked AMAZING.. im sooo happy for her. (more pictures to come!) she's off to W in the maldives now! lucky lucky!

3) sadly, i missed 's gorgeous wedding. im so proud of you babe!! i sent you heaps of love and kisses from afar. hope you received it! :) have a blast in taiwan! and eat lots for me!!! :)

4) AND to top it all off, we came home and found out that one of our closest friend got engaged over the weekend. without trying too hard at all, their wedding proposal won everyone else's hands down. i love it!! and we're very very excited to share the rest of your life (and your crazily painted room) with you... we love you both very very much!!! *muahhh*

ahhhhhh!!! isn't love fine??? :)

*** title of this entry from the beatles, used as a quote at our ROM too! :)

p.s. thanks for the love and text messages, our bean sprouts survived our absence and grew SUPER tall!! :) :) :) yayy! :)


  1. I love the quote - Love is all you need :)
    Congrats hun!

  2. might 'stun' your quote next time!
    i LOVE hearing proposal stories!!
    go ask her and see if shes ok you sharing with your pals?? :P

  3. be my guest! :) john lennon would be honoured! :P
    i'll ask but she's an awfully private person!

  4. i might get a verse from the bible though~~
    tooo MANY ideas running around in my brains!!

  5. haha! :) take your time hon! :) its great to have more ideas. remember to pencil them down when you think of it!
    when's your wedding?

  6. if youve got ideas, you are very much welcome to tell me! (^^)
    not till a veryyyyy long time later~~

  7. hahah! :) let me know what style or theme you like and i can keep a look out for wedding inspiration (since i do that ALL the time anyway!!)
    why longggg time?

  8. woohoo
    hmm ive got NO idea but something princess-y is nice! though i can imagine klkl SQUIRMING already! ;p
    hmm waiting for the flat to be built, about late-2012/early-2013~~ getting married after its ok and renovated~~ *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

  9. oic!! :) haha.. that is quite a few year away! :) plenty of time to think of awesome wedding ideas (and save up!) ....

  10. im thankful for the 'time to save up' bit! =)

  11. meep! the trip was pretty alright~ anw, we got our wedding pixies developed! will be doing up a simple album...i think i'm tired to do scrapbooking. hahaha...show u when u're back! enjoy jap!!! and yes...got the card babe =))

  12. yayyy!! great! i cant wait to see.. ya no need to scrapbook everything! you can do it next time when you're retired! :)


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