Wednesday, November 25, 2009

we are family! i've got all my sisters with me..

we just started received christmas greetings! :) from my hippie chef turned hospi-guru turned doctor friend in LA.. hi malaika!! i miss you! :) :) and it was addressed to me, daniel and guesswho!! our pet rock, sly! :) those of you who haven't met our love child, he has been quieter of late. but back in his hey days, he was one haps rock.

much has changed since then but we're still not very grown up. and i read somewhere long time ago that the best judgement of good parenthood - pets. don't quote me. im obviously not a momma-guru. but for those who are interested, our pet rock sly is doing very well. thank you. he is one with few words but he says "hey."

earlier this week, i thought we were ready for "the big leap" and decided to start with living objects! and remembered that somewhere i had a stash of green beans!! and back in primary school, we grew little sprouts from them in science!! does that ring a bell? too much water, too little water, too much sun, too little sun?? anywhos, i recycled an old egg carton, tore up some cotton wool and planted (10) little dudes with love..

kept in a dark cool area to grow (the wardrobe in our guestroom)... and boy did they grow!!

the internet didn't say anything about noise but we figured give them as much privacy as they need so we've been speaking in hushed tones around them little cuties!

just last night, i caught daniel sneaking peeks at them through a creek in the door which was soooo sweet!! and we were having dinner when something came up in conversation and i said "ya man! that tau gay (beansprouts) in salted fish is damn yums..." only to be met with daniel's stern "babe! don't talk like that.. its our babies you're talking about" *rofl* we're so silly in love.. and im so glad we're growing together. i think our combined maturity is about.. maybe around 7 now??

anyway, everyone is a little taller now, except for this little dude!! c'mon buddy! you can do it! :)

we're counting fingers and tapping feet till we find a more permanent home to house a fuzzy furry dog. we're likely to adopt from a local shelter but we've picked our personal favorite breeds. its between a golden retreiver and a chihuahua. no prizes for guessing who picked what. :)


  1. I remember doing those bean things for grade school science projects!! :)

  2. teehee!!! it has been such so looong time!! i'd completely forgotten everything i learnt so i had to google how to to grow bean sprouts! :)

  3. so cute! hope they grow well and strong!

  4. erm...does each taugay-ling have a name? hur~ random thought.
    anw...i'm for dan-the-man's doggie choice! sorry babes =P

  5. hahaha!!! no, don't have such inspiration.. they're hilarious now! they're all so long and gangly!! look malnutritioned! :)
    p.s. you're so biased.. who's friend are you!!!

  6. haha.. we just came back from korea and checked on them... they're weirdly tall but skinny!! must find some way to plump them up! :)

  7. haha! whats the purpose in planting them? to eat?????

  8. FAINT!
    go get a dog lah hunz!

  9. not to eat!!! hahaha.. i guess just to prove that we can be decent caretakers?!?

  10. i wish we could!!! but with the frequency that we travel, i think our puppy will be very bored and sad!!
    plus, i did my research and dogs coming out of cambodia need to be quarantined up to 3 months!! so next place we go, we'll definitely get one!


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