Monday, November 16, 2009

lazy weekends are made of these...

hmmm long luxurious brunches with swirly coffees and cheesy panini at The Shop cafe and bakery. and ohh! i love their freshly-pressed linen at each table!! you'll find us there on most sunday mornings! :)

also, their meringues, eclairs and fresh desserts are to die for. and for the particularly adventurous bunch, you can pop by a few doors down and pick up some kampot pepper chocolate from the beautiful chocolaterie. excellent for indulgent high teas or just a sweet treat after dinner.

we've just tied down our nagoya accomodation. japan, here we come!! its only 9 more sleeps till korea but daniel is so excited he decided to start packing his bags today!! seeing him scurrying around with his heavy suits, puffer jackets & dinner coat seems out of this world. especially when the world outside is at a crazy 32 degrees.

happy weekend, folks! :)

The Shop
#39 Street 240
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


  1. Japan! I'm jealous! We love it so much we are trying to plan another trip there.

  2. I was just in Nagoya by myself in September :) I hope you are using the place as a jump off to other cities/towns! There isn't much to do in Nagoya city itself - I ended up going to the aquarium heheh.

  3. thanks sweets! :) its super easy to make!!

  4. haha!! i know exactly what you mean! the last time we visited, the only touristy spots we hit were the castle and tokyu hands! in this short trip, we're attending a wedding and visiting family there!!

  5. yeah! japan is the bomb! the food, the shopping and the picturesque mountains & hot springs alone is enough reason!!
    can you speak japanese? i wish i could...

  6. For me it is mainly the food and the unique offerings. Too expensive to shop :P
    I learnt basic Japanese for 6months but can't remember it now.. trying to re-learn it when I have time using Rosetta stone.

  7. good on you!! daniel can speak and i can read some chinese characters so between the two of us, we get around ok (very very slowly.. but ok!)..

  8. you have family in nagoya? that's cool!! :)

  9. Super cute ring
    howdy there!
    love the floral pink ring! super easy to make you say?
    care to share? i know my little gal would so LOVE it!

  10. Re: Super cute ring
    hihi! :) thanks! :) its super easy too!!
    would love to share it with you! drop me an email and i'll send you a quick tutorial? :) im at princess_zhing(at)yahoo(dot)com


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