Friday, November 13, 2009

friday morning yumminess!!

when i first moved up to cambodia, i promised myself i'd embark on daily adventures.. try a new coffee joint, check out a new market, visit a different part of town.. but it has been a while since i did that! i blame it on the internet!! but this pretty morning, im hopping on cotton-bud (my bicycle) and tinkling my way across town to find an illusive thrift shop. wish me lotsa amazing finds!! :) i've already informed daniel that if i buy more than my little bike basket can hold, he is to send the driver to my rescue!! :)

before i leave, check out whats tickling my fancy this beautiful morning!

illustrated by caitlin mcgauley. click on her website for more amazing pictures!!

adios amigos!!


  1. im sure you'll find tons of stuffs! must show us your loots!! :D

  2. hi babe!! unfortunately, i didn't get that much stuff! only spent $2.50 USD but for that, scored a katespade hangbag and a white cheongsam! :)
    what a steal!!
    i'll point them out to you when i use them!! i sent them both to drycleaning which costs more than their cost *haiyar.. *

  3. USD2.50 for kate spade handbag AND a white cheongsam?!?!?!?! wow thats freaking fantastic lah!
    haha your last sentence makes me laugh! =)

  4. i know! damn cheap right?
    i wasn't super keen on the cheongsam (cos its white so i cant wear to wedding dinners..) but it was one of those "its so cheap you may regret it if you don't get it" kinda deals.. so i did! :)

  5. wear for date nights!
    actually can wear for wedding lah, as day dress! ;)


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