Friday, November 20, 2009

i miss going to the pictures..

there is one thing we miss more than midnight bak-kut-teh here - cinemas. im not sure im with the khmers with their weekly horror flicks. actually come to think of it.. why? why do the thais and khmers love their scary movies so darn much? how about some kissing, some romance, some pretty songs and poetry!! where is the love?

to be fair, there are intimate screening of french flicks, artsy ones with no subtitles. held at somewhere fine-sounding like le central francais. duh.. sounds really fancy, like wine & cheese kinda fancy with quiet polite conversation. soooo not our league (and language...) but oh how i miss just flipping open the papers and randomly picking a new release, ordering tickets online and viola! all you need is an indulgent tub of popcorn and a fizzy drink EACH and you're all set!!

but when god closes a door, he opens a window (or something like that...) im not sure if im meant to be writing this but we are blessed with our own means of catching up with latest tv-series and movies. rather conveniently if i may add. (not so sure about legally..) today, i added these few babies to our "media" collection all for less than the price of two movie tickets back home:

1) Glee Season One (first OC, then GG, now Glee.. what's next, deaf?)
2) Private Practice Season Two
3) Boston Legal Season Three (im playing catch-up)
4) Amelie
5) In the Mood for love
6) My Sister's Keeper

but still.. does not beat the real thang.


  1. nothing nice's screening lately in sg!!

  2. im sure something will come up soon!! :) make sure you send me your movie reviews so i can look out for them in the DVD store.. *boohoo..*


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