Monday, November 23, 2009

you cant have your cupcake and eat it too.

im a little pooped over something really dumb. its so silly that im feeling a little guilty and spoilt to be sulking over it. but my dear parents booked their tickets to visited little didi in hawaii. they totally deserve it.. a nice romantic holiday... but then older little brother had to fly down from oxford. so there would be a mini family reunion. on one of my favorite little islands. we had an awesome vacay there when we were all wee little kids... so i soo very very wanna be there. cocktails, brothers and warm sand. and outlet shopping. the best way to spend christmas..

but the problem is, we already have christmas plans (and tickets..) to fly to melbourne. pick some berries, catch up with some friends and spend some time with daniel's parents cos we have not been back for one year.. and i love them heaps.. and more importantly, we've been putting this off for really long but we need to book a wedding venue. grown up crap like that.

if life's filled with decisions like that.. so so hard. so torn.

anyway, to get out of the funk, im thinking up of a few things that makes me terribly toe-curlingly happy:

1) sunday afternoons in le jardin filled with super cute french children, sand and sun-toasted slouchy pillows...
2) green apply sorbet and strawberry pancakes for brekkie
3) yes!! three more sleeps till i see judybob..
4) found this really neat japanese tapas joint few blocks down and spent friday night drinking sake and eating squid..
5) the girls and i are ringing in the new year in our fav. shopping city - bangkok! psyched!

so i think i'll be ok... eventually.

oh. we did something silly today!! i'll post tomorrow in a locked entry cos its top secret!! so no, dad & mum, not for your eyes! :)


  1. I'm heading up to BKK too next month!!! its really da best place for shopping isn't it? Time to load up on cheap sandals :)

  2. are you too?? im spending new years there!!! :) :)

  3. all of them should go to melby!
    then you can have both your families there together-gether!

  4. yeah.. i would love it too..
    just that my brother is schooling in hawaii and he cant take vacation away.. so they all packed their bags to join him..
    oh well, its ok, they'll be spending their summer vacay in melbourne next year for the weding already. i'll get to see everyone soon enough i guess...

  5. ohwow hes schooling in hawaii?!?!?! *enviousss*
    com'on chin's up hunz!

  6. yeah.. my brothers go to school in DAMN fun places.. urm. i went to pulau NTU! hahaha...

  7. silly gal, ntu isnt bad! klkl's from ntu! =)

  8. no offense to NTU!! :) i chose to go there happily but.. seriously!! london and hawaii just sounds a whole lot more fun, don't you think??
    they meet during each vacation.. sometimes to go ski in french alps, sometimes to go drink beer in denmark. its insane..

  9. hahahaha, but if you dont go down the path that you did, you might not have met daniel!


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