Tuesday, September 8, 2009

why we miss singapore so much.

just came back from a long work weekend in Singapore and a heartbreaking boohoo in the airport waving goodbyes to the brotherss. oh why do they all look so small and little when they turn their heads and walked into the departure gate. Its not that i'm clingy and not want them to go back to their respective AMAZING schools in equally amazing cities/town but just that we'd be doing this our entire lives. spending less than a month each year together. sucks big time. oh golly, that's making me tear up again. positive thoughts, positive thoughts, snowflakes, pretty weddings, new shoes, happy thoughts....

but as much as we complain about the weather and the regimented living we’re coerced into, we do miss Singapore very much. on top of the family and friends we have there.... just them is good enough reason to live there for our entire lives. but the romantic backdrop singapore created for us as we met, fell in love, built our first home and got married in our little city...

rollerblading at ECP, 2007
  • the first time daniel and i met at Union Square! we still get the kicks out of telling people we met clubbing.
  • the first outing was a Japanese resto in amara. It was NOT our first date..
  • shortly after that there was that time he took me millennia walk and we danced a little outside jitterbugs near the couture furniture showcase, subsequently danced a lot in jitterbugs..
  • there was a little sleazy bachata dancing at a party in union (again..). we were very coy at the start.
  • and then the first time he muttered ‘i like you very much’ in his apartment in balestier!! Dude!! Like?!?
  • the first OFFICIAL date i made him take me to, Whitebait & Kale at Camden.
  • the long walks holding hands along riverside point and from town home.
  • glorious parties with friends in botanic gardens.
  • the "i love you" in balestier.
  • the crying from laughter at novena mrt on the way home.
  • the moment he returned from japan in the airport that we decided to finally tell people we were 'dating'.
  • the many late nights he met me after weddings to take me out for a nice little supper and tuck me in.
  • the many many insanely early races we were part of. he ran, i made race flags and cheered him on.
  • the proposal in our little rented balestier apartment.
  • how his entire life fitted into my little room.
  • and then our wedding vows in my garden in front of my family and friends who crashed the party.
this was the most perfect spot in all the world 
for us to meet, fall in love and marry. and will always be home for us.
there are a million little corners, streets and places here
in singapore that mean everything to us. 
and we miss these special places ALL THE TIME.

*** in view of how homesick we are, daniel is working from the singapore office for a week
(yayy! yes euphie, dan's the man!) 
so the next time we're back, we're extending our stay to 09 days!


  1. awww this is sweet!
    And see! I told you Singapore is still home right? ;P
    Hehe...looks like you are a sentimental person who gets all teary eyed easily like me too!

  2. does that mean u'd be ard for the week after the 20th? hee..

  3. ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! does that mean we can meet up?!! just ONE meal??

  4. Aww... this is such a sweet entry! How old are your bros?

  5. too young to be travelling alone. haha.. they are 23 & 24!

  6. it is! and will always be... not that i don't love our live in phnom penh though.. its still awesome living here but just not the same..

  7. OF COURSE you dingdong... email me!?

  8. i'd love to hear your list too! im sure you have many many lovely stories to share!

  9. yes marm! i wish it was the week before than i can help you out with whatever.. c'est la vie!

  10. *hugz*
    I can't say I understand, but I at least have an inkling.
    Keep safe in Cambodia girl :)

  11. thanks sweets!~ :)
    cant wait till you visit. hope im still going to be here. you'll stay with me, ya?

  12. Chouchou,
    I feel like reading a fairy tale..even though at the end, I can feel how sad you are to be far from Singapore.. I wish you and Daniel to be veeery happy wherever you are =) I'm so happy for hear that you got married :) congratulations ;)
    Big bisous de France

  13. hi doudou, is that you??? :) *big big bisous*

  14. oui it's me ;)
    take care my dearest chouchou :)
    Big bisous

  15. awww thanks babe!!! hope i'll get to catch up with ya real soon with doudou! :) *muahh*

  16. hey!! Chanced upon your blog viz LJ gang and realised that we used to go to Morris Allen together (+ NYGH) :) I realise that on both counts, those were eons again man. Grin. Am adding you to my friends list if that's ok with you - love your entries! Yukai

  17. hahahaha! :) hi hi! how have you been and where are you now? :) wow this LJ is amazing! add away. i'll add you in return too! *hugs*

  18. Haha working and lawyering in Singapore! :) What about you? Are you living in Cambodia (that was the impression I got)..Great to see you here!

  19. yeah im living most of the time in phnom penh, cambodia because my fiance's job took us here. but i plan weddings in singapore for a living. so i fly home pretty often! :)


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