Thursday, September 10, 2009

sporty stuff: tennis in phnom penh

it has been something we've been wanting to do in ages in singapore.

the husband is basically keen on every single sport and i really fancy the idea of running around in a swishy skirt. (and am a complete poseur so i own a whole selection of tennis skirts without ever setting foot in a tennis court!!) but before we got started, i lay down some ground rules:

1) no one yells at me. or tells me to run faster.
2) im quitting if im crap at it.
3) a tennis-related pressie if i don't quit by christmas. (nevermind that he thinks he's paying a pink racquet but in fact, i've my eyes on a tiffany tennis charm! weehee...)

all agreed upon and so we set out to look for an instructor. it turned out its really simple, we found our dude, paujo, off the internet, dropped him a call and were all geared up for tennis class a few days later. easy peasy. wish i could say the same about my game!! but so far so good, he has been super patient with us, i've only lost a few balls and i apparantly have a fierce backhand!! who knew!!

p.s. i love ame & lulu tennis collection! have to get my hands on them!

but my favorite part is after class when daniel, all dirty and sweaty, is on endorphin-high and keeps rambling on and on "wow! that was fun" and "did you see my blahblahtennisword." and "i need to work on my blahblahtennisword." its so cute. almost like talking to a little child. then we cycle along in the dark, side by side on our dingy bikes and munch on street-side sweet corn. ah bliss! :)

the one thing that could make me happier is if i had maria sharapova's tennis arms or long lanky legs. then life would be purrfect!


  1. I just recently learned how to play tennis too and I find the sport fun!

  2. hey! we're picking up tennis too!! or rather, we've bought our rackets and balls etc but not quite gotten ourselves set up with a coach yet wahahaha..
    you should check out the adidas by stella mccartney tennis collection too:
    and the latest

  3. i know right!? i've checked it out in the stores already. its super cute!

  4. if im going to run around all sweaty i HAVE to reap some benefit, right??
    im bummed out that i have a cute visor that i have not used cos most of our tennis classes are in the evening! *duh*

  5. it is actually, right? im still at the stage where the coach shoots balls in my direction and i hit. so its really satisfying!!
    im not sure how i'll fare in a real game when i have to run in all directions! :)

  6. oooo cute! i like how they look like you can wear them out on a regular day!! :) thanks for the recommendation! i'll be sure to check them out soon!
    good luck with the classes! its actually quite fun! my friend used to learn from one that teaches at dairy farm. if you're keen i can find out his contact. i heard he was a toughnut and quite demanding in his coaching.

  7. Hey... I am looking for a coach. DOes he come to your place or he has a place to go to?

  8. i'll check with my friend and email you! :) all i know is that he taught them at dairy farm's tennis court!!

  9. haha oh my.. i actually got a recommendation from a friend already so no worries.
    your cupcake avatar is making me feel hungry!


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