Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my funny valentine

my husband is hilarious. there is a lot of things he is not but he sure knows how to make my day. :) he also makes the best pancakes for breakfast. this week, i had kiwi-pancakes hmmmm... double plus points! 

but one thing that cracks me up is this!!

if i make him yummy lunch (read: meaty with no hidden veggie), lunchtime daniel will get the driver to drop him off at home for lunch. he will march in with clippety grown up shoes, shirt, no tie, suit pants and pace around me as i fuss around the kitchen. then we will sit down, usually at dining table with placemats and all and have a 'civilized' lunch. in his formal authoritative voice, he would give me a rundown of his day (actually, by lunch, its just the morning..), tells me animated but frustrating work stories, update me on latest flight bookings/tennis class/ concert tickets/ race application, assign me frivolous tasks associated to his updates (like choosing nice boutique hotels, make birthday cards, shop online.. just kidding, i added in the last bit myself) and at times we talk about the weather. every few minutes, he will check both his local mobile and blackberry and when the clock strikes 1:30pm, he will kiss me goodbye and stride out of the apartment to his next important-im-going-to-save-the-earth meeting.

but after work, he turns into this COMPLETELY different person!! this is how the bub looked like when he picked me up at dance class this week.

his unsuccessful "im blending in with the locals" look.

in his dress-down clothes, tink-her-bells with a basket and cute little bells (so manly!), adorable 5 o'clock shadow, wacky five-finger toe-shoes, a PINK rain coat and his bad-ass red ninja bandanna (to filter exhaust fumes..), he rides up to the front porch of the chichi himawari clubhouse...  i hop onto the backseat and we tinkle away into the rain on our mid-week date as he updates me the latest celebrity gossip, who bought what diamond ring for who and listens to all my market and craft adventures and helps me figure out if i should make a teal green maxi dress or a pair of nautical stripe-y shorts (conclusion: both).. then he will cycle us home, buy me corn by the street and play badminton with me till i win. he is so much more fun in the evening!!!

haiyar. where in the world did i find him?


  1. Thru me!!! hahhahaa.. i want to take some credit for it.. =)

  2. indeed! :) and you get all the credit there is. though i must admit you didn't tell me back then he was THAT special!!!!

  3. yah he makes me laugh all the time! :)


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