Thursday, September 17, 2009

this week have been all about the small things

we just received a care package all the way from korea! :) yippeeee.... i lurve receiving mail to start. but this was suc h a lovely surprise and really made my day!! it had the best (i really mena BEST) smelling set of candles and a really sweet post-it note from judybob. in true judybob-zhing style, everything is done in post-it.

my home is smelling so lovely i feel like staying home for the WHOLE day...  and maybe i will! :)


  1. SMile!!
    Good that you loved it dear!!
    Oh OH! Happy belated Birthday!! more small presents on its way~ =)

  2. Re: SMile!!
    I'm coming to Korea!!! I can pick it up when I see u!!!! That makes me incredibly happy!!!
    Love u heaps girlie... N heaps..


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