Wednesday, August 12, 2009

crafts: floppy silk flowers

i've been feeling a little flat on the shopping front. there is absolutely no cute stores in phnom penh! it gets depressing when the most exciting store holds grocery. you know you have a problem when you've acquired no new threads in the last month!! so last week i dug out one of the many crafts i've been meaning to work on, hopped on my new wheels and raided the psar o'russey!

boy did i get lucky! i scored a teal green cardigan ($6), khmer silk ($5/1m) and some fancy diamond bobbypins ($0.75)!! and put together this pretty thing!

i love it! :) and i wore it out on a date with the husband before i snipped off the fraying bits! oh well, not that anyone noticed! :)

im excited to come home this weekend! im working on a very pretty wedding and daniel's running a half-marathon! weehee.. big city, here we come!


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