Tuesday, August 18, 2009

name calling...

in view of our new legal status, daniel is known has "the husband". but due to my own lady insecurities, i've requested he addresses me as his girlfriend still. just one of my silly games that i take very seriously.. but not him. 

"that dress, honey.. *shakes his finger* oh no, girlfriend. not pulling it off."
"nono, girlfriend. i wouldn't do that if i were you"
"what do you think, girlfriend? do you think a facial can fix my enlarged pores"

thats it. im officially living with my gay makeup artiste. *sigh*


  1. Girlfriend you are living the dream! EVeryone girl dreams of her very own gay make-up artiste! ;) <3

  2. haha if only he works on my hair and make up too! :)

  3. did he seriously ask you abt enlarged pores?!


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