Friday, July 3, 2009

pay back time...

thus far in our pseudo-long-dist relationship, daniel has done most of the travelling. i fly to phnom penh maybe once every 5 times he flies home. he's got the entire check-in - customs- temperature checkpoint thing down to a tee. he makes it his little race where "cabin-crew-disarm-doors" marks the start time. sometimes he is out so fast he has to sit and wait for me at the terminal, gloating at all the other slower passengers lumbering into their rides awaiting at the curb. he even has a personal best timing that he tries to beat each time.. (significantly slower after the outbreak of H1N1, but boy! that man really tries every single time.) each trip is an adventure.

i love it that he takes this entire thing in such good spirits.

i, on the other hand, terrible at it. i get grumpy when i cant catch forty winks on the plane. i get grumpy when the food is not right. i get grumpy waking up too early in the morning. i get grumpy when there is a crying baby.  i get grumpy period. for crying out loud, missy, its budget airline. what do you expect, right?

but now, things will change. i will be the frequent traveller, flying back for work almost every week.  i just plonked down a hunka cash on flights for the next half of the year. *sigh* but guess this is all part and parcel of moving away from home.

plugged me and ma honey's flights into a spreadsheet and it looks as messed up as the periodic table. bah..

oh well, at least administrative duties are over.


  1. hee.. my personal best timing from landing to getting to the arrival hall was 5min tho my arrival gate was the FURTHEST gate at T2!!!
    it's like that when u wanna see the person u miss most asap. That's why if gary is late or if he was hiding in some blur silly corner, i would get very miffed.

  2. that's really fast!! T1 is much smaller and at that unearthly hour, not many flights arrive..
    haha.. i guess i don't keep to my end of the bargain then! im always still on TPE speeding to the airport when he arrives *sigh*


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