Friday, July 3, 2009

international cuisine day: mediterranean

man! it has been 5 years since we started this international cuisine day. (and also 5 since we graduated from NTU!!) i think it started when we decided to try our hands in the kitchen and made an international mix of toasted bread (pizza), toss-everything-in-the-fridge-and-mix (fried rice), pan fried melty sausages (from gogo hotdogs). hence the name 'international cuisine day' but we've had a few more successful themes thus far. so way back then in borrowed houses, paper plates and much to be desired culinary skills, we started this little tradition! and man have we come far! :) 

theme: mediterranean
venue: deaf & jay's
dresscode: toga
chef: dick

isn't pheebs the prettiest kittty cat ever? just like her step mom, she loves loves bags.. this is her snuggling up to carol's leather purse

urm.. actually any sort of bags.. her in our ta-pow bag..

seasoned by his stepmom, he was ever ready for photoshoots...

caprese salad with basil

the yummiest fried fish! it was the bomb! we had yogurt dip, pita breads, falafel, rice and the entire fanfare!!! good job dick!! :) 

as usual, we play to not wash.. but lost!! to the boys!!!

its actually news-worthy because we NEVER EVER lose, except for once at cranium (and swore never to play that game again) but i think the boys are actually getting pretty good as a team. oh well, at least we had fun cleaning up... while the yayapapayas stood outside engaging in manly-banter. how gay. 

and im obviously not a gracious loser. :)


  1. Oh yes! Pheebs is the cutest kitty ever!

  2. i know! she reminds me of puss in boots!! the one in shrek!! :)

  3. hello half sister!
    nice pictures. Can I ask what camera/lens you're using?

  4. hi sweetheart! ;)
    im still learning to take fab shots like this! but daniel shoots with a nikon d700 and i think these pictures are taken with his urm.. lens.. (maybe 35 - 70 or 18 - 35 or some weird number..)
    have a lovely weekend, half brother! see you soon when song comes home?


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