Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back in singapore!

i must not go to bed until 9pm this evening. i will fight all temptations to lounge on anything comfy. seriously though, it must be my age or something, i used to be able to do longhaul flights and bounce right into action but recently i've been struggling with different timezones and travel fatigue!. so i must not succumb to the z-monster today!

im slurping through a hot bowl of kway teow fishball mee now, trying to figure out which meal of the day its meant to be. and sorting through dad's billion pictures and will have some lovely pictures to share soon!

meanwhile, dearly beloved has been the best boyfriend ever.
he keeps a very close eye on our wedding appointments and details.
he even calls a hair fascinator by its name!
just sharing a  little snippet of our daily conversation.

d: guess what?
z: XX is pregnant with twins/ children nowadays curse more than before/ im getting a walkin wardrobe/ josh duhamel is getting a divorce!!
d: nah... but guess what?
z: what.
d: we're getting married in 5 days!!!

and this entire drill repeats itself the very next day! yes, we're dorks but the ROM countdown begins! :)


  1. Time sure flies! Wow! I can't wait to see the entry and pictures of your wedding!

  2. :)
    Omg you two are SO adorable!! I can't believe that you are getting married in 5 days Zhyinggggg!!!!!!:))) I'm soo excited omg i can't stop jumping up and down!!! :):))

  3. Re: :)
    hi my love!! i cant believe it too! i wished i had a bigger guestlist for this one but i will make up for it next year in melbourne!!
    *long tight hugs to ms milic!* i miss you!

  4. hahah! :) thanks babeee... im excited too! i hope i won't mess up the vows.


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