Friday, July 17, 2009

buhbye, misses!

sometimes i feel like the bride who cries wolf, we're getting married but not quite really properly married and i've caught myself telling a million people "no, not yet, the real thing is next year in melbourne". but daniel will always counter with "but by this weekend, we're LEGALLY married" and he is all about the law.

just this morning, we trooped down to Fort Canning to the registra office for our marriage certificate. the process was fast, painless and almost mechanical but all very official. we both raised our right hands and read a page full of legal jargon. we also caught sight of many other brides in fancy wedding gear getting 15 mins worth of bridal glory. in my job, we usually preach a more fluffed up version so i've never stepped foot in the ROM before. it was a very real experience.

treked around the compounds to find the legendry swing that has "Just Married" sign.. or something significant like that but all i found was this, set in front of the thermal scan desk. yayy romantic! (i shall attempt not to sound gossipy.. but the lady my right shoulder is blocking wore a lacey midriff and a silver miniskirt the size of my sweatband!!! very controversial!!! but if i had her body, hell yes! :) 

the MCYS logo looks like a hair design sticking out of my low bun. :) :) :) 

this will probably be my last post as a misses because i'll be rather busy with 23, 27864 little things that DON"T matter and hosting my family. im so blessed that a bunch of volunteers (willing volunteers, i must add) will convene at my place to help put the plan in place, including my maid of honour, deaf, who too a day off to help me run errands... wow. meanwhile, im trying to stay calm and not sweat the small stuff here and keep the obsessed bride in me under wraps. thank you for months of "so! do you think furry fans or wooden scented fans." there is more to come! 
see you on the flip side.

tres excited zhing.


  1. Good luck babe! I'm sure part 1 of 5 is going to be beautiful like the rest!
    Show us pictures of the crossing over! ;)

  2. Congratulations dear. Many blissful blessings ahead to the both of you.

  3. wish i had been ard to help out too!!
    All the best for tomolo!
    Congrats to the both of u!

  4. heyo, congrats! have a blast this weekend and here's wishing you lots of love, joy and laughter in wedded bliss :)

  5. =)
    mrs allender!!! pixies when u're done with the celebration ya?! whee!!!! congratulations hon! -hugz-

  6. Hooray!!!!!!
    Congratulations yaaay!!! Love the commment on your "low bun"!! :) can't wait to see more picies!! :) xxx

  7. hey gal, congrates! The low bun sure "grows" well on u! Pretty!

  8. thank you thank you! :) we made it!!!

  9. thank you babe.. there in spirit! could have crashed though!! haha.. who knew!

  10. Re: =)
    thanks my darling!! OMG the JP announced us as mr and mrs allan john allender *faints*

  11. Re: Hooray!!!!!!
    haha more to come.. so much more i bet you'd be screaming "stop obsessing, zhingy!!" all the way from america! *hugs*

  12. oh hello! :) thank you very much!!! :):)

  13. Thank you so much babe!!! it was surprisingly easy and fun!!! :) :) :) let me know if i can help you with anything for yours!!!

  14. thanks babe! haha.. i like how fuss free it is! works well on bad hair days!

  15. Congratz!!!
    Big huggies from Seoul!! Miss you so =)

  16. Congrats!
    Congrats dearie! Here's wishing you both a lifetime of happiness - I'm sure your own wedding will be a wonderful one, THE WEDDING of the year!

  17. Re: Congratz!!!
    i miss you too!! i cant wait to see youuuuu!!!! let me know when i can book my tickets im all ready to go! :)

  18. Re: Congrats!
    thank you thank you! :) good luck for yours too! *hugs*

  19. Re: =)
    huh? who's that? how come there's no mention of a daniel in 6-syllable name?

  20. Re: =)
    neh mind who.
    but before the ceremony, the anal bride made the groom remind the JP that his name is "allen-der" not "a-LEN-der" and i guess we totally made him jittery.
    *sigh* ga-bra.. my brother laughed his head off and has been calling us that ever since.


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