Thursday, June 25, 2009

mid-week fiesta

needed to shop and chill a little from non-stop wedding action. (happens a little when your job and personal life runs a little too close..)
and in came the girlies for a perk me up! :):)

seriously now, i love them so much.

and also, urm, we ordered way too much.
and against better judgement, had to order the lavas just cos it was cute.
and counted to three and poked holes in it. it was almost ceremonial.
and we missed the married one.

we also poured through fun jewellery, flipped through "way too young" clothes and spotted a bright yellow birdcage. which gave me ideas! :)

ooo i think i even love them more than cupcakes.

oh! and i got a 'just-because' pressie over the weekend from the boy! im a proud owner of a brand new polaroid camera! yayyyy... i love "old technology" (as my dad puts it..) cos they're so much fun! im no photographer but i like the way holga pictures look too. maybe i should get one for my birthday this year!!!!


  1. Alaturka? Mmm.
    (and girls are looking as good as ever!)
    P.S I half feel like hiring a wedding planner/decorator. I like classic black and white themes (imagine dark choc cupcakes and cream cheese frosting!), damask prints, gilded photo frames etc but no hotel is ever going to pull that off with panache!

  2. yes indeed! :)
    p.s. haha.. you're right! alternatively, if cost in an issue, you can DIY and bring in your own props but use their linen..
    i've got a fabulous damask print that im possibly using for one of my weddings that i can share. it prints very well on regular b/w printer so it makes a good base for crafting/decorating.

  3. yeah, will prob DIY and get crafty... oooh if it's not too troublesome wld you share the print with me?
    I've downloaded a few but they were a little too "pointy" in shape. :))


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