Thursday, June 25, 2009

#09854376 you don't need to obsess over: the fans

im done obsessing with the linens. i put my friend through so much pain as they patiently sort out "a touch of cream" versus "white with a touch of frost" or "pale yellow like a creamy popsicle".. haha.

moving on to even more mundane details like the fans. we scoured through the markets with suman a few months ago looking for lollipop fans that yellow in colour. he's a hard bargainer and i wanted "pantone 14" yellow fans so it was no deal. qian &  daniel were just glad to get us moving from one stall to the other.

but now im back with vengeance.

basically i like this idea for garden weddings. (or as deaf bluntly pointed out. its not a garden la.. its a porch!!) but still, i think its a fab idea!

its just for the ladies but it would make fantastic pictures, i reckon.

the chinese dancer in me votes for this...

in this shade:

or just plain ole this?

what do you think, guys??


  1. the feathery ones look more fun and sultry. :)
    maybe you can look for chinese dance teachers to help you buy?

  2. im leaning towarda that too!!! i actually spotted it in chinatown but hesitated cos i didn't want to overdo it (as if im not already!)
    good morning babe! have a lovely thursday!

  3. actually i do like the sandal wood fans.
    Having everything overly yellow, might just bring it over the top. the wooden fans with a yellow ribbon could just bring down the tone alittle.
    especially if you need the feathered fans to be exactly pantone 14?
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  4. hahah.. thanks babe.. i just HAD to log on! :) *kisses*

  5. for the love of god not the furry ones! haha but maybe that's just me. i like the classic one below. love the umbrellas, i rem u posted photos once from this wedding with turquoise brollies. that colour scheme was gorgeous

  6. hahaha! :) yes mdm! no furry yellow fans.


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