Wednesday, May 13, 2009

in phnom penh: chinese noodle restaurant

having been here a while, we're starting to come round to most restaurants and our repertoire of yummy restaurant has increased exponentially! its starting to be really nice and easy living here! last night, we had an IMMENSE craving for asian noodles (me more generally but daniel needed japanese ramen). then we found phnom penh pal, indeed a lifesaver!

just two blocks down from our place along monivong blvd, we found this!

12 of these puppies for $1.20!!

amazing handmade dumpling with chives and a wee bit of pork! it was yums.. we got the guotie (potstickers) which were equally delish with chilli oil and soy sauce. didn't touch the fish sauce cos i've still  not gotten used to its aftertaste, very unfortunate because most local dishes come soaked in fish sauce..

when you arrive they serve you a hot mug of chinese tea and their menu, plastered on the table, was super simple. just a handful of noodle dishes in soup, dumplings fried or steamed and some stir-fried veggie. c'est tout. and the prices ranged from $1.20 - $2. so our sumptious meal of hot steamy noodles in clear broth with a generous serve of bok choi and mushrooms totalled to $3.75!!!  and hit just the right spot .

oh i'll definitely be back for more!

photo credits: here


  1. Hey girl, so you are moving to Cambodia? Phnom Penh is cool...can you do me a favour though, if you are near downtown and see this restaurant called the Deadfish Tower, could you help me snap some shots of the place? You guys are so awesome at capturing shots on the cam so thought I'd ask. No worries if you don't happen to be near, the place came to mind since you are in Cambodia. Have fun! :)

  2. Oops! PLs ignore my previous comment, silly I forgot the Deatfish Tower restaurant is in Siem Reap, not Phnom Penh. :P Sorry!

  3. Dont call them puppies coz I am imagining wild and scary things now!LOL

  4. hahha... love simon's expression! :) its pork and leeeek. more leek than pork though!

  5. haha! :) could have gotten pictures for you. cos we were just there last week! next time then.. what does this resto serve?

  6. ohhhhh! Just missed it. :P Heh. Well it serves like regular cambodian fare in sets and has awesome milkshakes but the interesting thing about the place is the layout, you should totally check it out the next time you are in siem reap. ;)

  7. Hey!
    Hey hun.. How's it goin?
    So whatcha up to in Phnom Penh?

  8. Re: Hey!
    hey hey babe.. phnom penh is pretty cool, taking some time to settle in but i'd be home soon!! :)
    how have you been? catch up over coffee soon?

  9. ah! my friend mentioned deadfish tower also in the context of affordable accomodation! our fav restaurant there was central cafe. it reminded me of new york but we were right in the middle of dusty cambodia!!

  10. Re: Hey!
    Settlin in?! Wow. Ttz rad. Due to ur boy's job? The pics are lovely. Temptin, actually. So what happens to ur job here then?
    I've been doin great. Schoolin still. Bah! Only good news, its holidays till late June. Partay!
    Anyhoo we should catch up soon. Holler when u get back, missy.

  11. Re: Hey!
    nope, just on long vacation! but im working remotely from here for my boss (who is wonderful to have suggested this working compromise!!)
    i'll catch you before the end of school vacation ya? im back from next week onwards!!!
    heaps of love!!!! *HUGS*


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