Monday, May 11, 2009

wedding fun: chels & wilson

how was your vesak day?

i had a lovely weekend celebrating mothers' day with the family and catching up with the girls. ;) we met for a quick bubble tea and shopped through club street! so many cutesy shops! im inspired by one of the dressed i spy-ed in Style:Nordic that didn't fit me cos im such a dwarf!  then we headed back to deaf's for some dolling up, messed around with lace falsies and had a crazy make up spree with shaun totally zonked out in the middle of the bed. it reminded me so much of prom.. :)

it was all me-time on my short trip back which was actually very nice!

in our happy corner.. good thing she placed us there! we were so loud it was embarrassing! :)

with the beautiful bride. who looks exactly like this even without make up.. *sigh* some women have all the luck..

dick loves deaf's hair fascinator..

 ma shanny...

after dinner, we headed over to clarke quay stretch for more sweet treats. wow! how that place has changed. and there were so many people in all sorts of crazy clubbing wear! :) i has been a long while since i rolled up at my home at 2am.. jumped into bed in my airport clothes and caught 2 hours of sleep before dad took me to the airport to catch my flight back to cambodia.


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