Monday, May 25, 2009

im in a food-coma..

man, im rolling in food!

gosh.. ever since i returned, (plus uncle bt & family and tengsy are back from faraway lands) my family has been going out for indulgent meals every single day! *burps*

and the kitchens are churning out amazing home-made delicacies. i've had silky coconut desserts, lo pak gou, dumplings aplenty. and promises of my little aunt's homemade pasta and pizza when song comes back!! and we're getting pineapple tarts in the middle of the year cos we miss them so much.. CNY is just way too far away...
maybe i should ask for mooncakes too since i'd be missing them this year!!

oh! also, im meant to start on some new exercise regime after pigging out in cambodia for a month!! good luck to me! :)


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