Saturday, May 23, 2009

wedding stuff: this july...

...i marry my best friend.

well it sorta depends on when you consider yourself married. when you sign papers, walk down the aisle, kiss the bride, give tea and receive angpows from family...

ok. things didn't quite pan out the way we wanted it to. we had great plans for an island wedding but got scrapped because they were flighty (and quite dodgey) about the buy-out charge and maximum capacity. then, we made plans to move in august. for good. and my mum, bless her heart, wanted some form of affirmation that we were not eloping. plus she has this theory why buy the cow if you can get milk for free.. i assume im the proverbial cow. so flattering.

so we gave in. sorta. came to a compromise and we will get legally married this july at my home. we'll be having a small intimate do with our families in my garden, our solemnizer is a family friend, auntie isabel.. following by a casual saturday morning brunch at p.s. cafe. and then, we're hosting a dinner at minjiang one north for my extended family to announce the engagement cos god forbid i run off without telling my grampies. (and also because we love the place so much! yums... roast duck... ) wait did i also mention following that, sometime next year/century,  we're then having a proper wedding ceremony in melbourne with pretty flowers, an aisle, all my bridesmaid, dancing and all. then rounding up the entire wedding hoopla with a formal chinese sit-down hotel dinner in singapore... then we're let off the hook! so in total, we're having 5 separate wedding celebrations. woohoo!! so i marry the same dude over and over again.

so, numero one.. the home wedding. small intimate do in my garden with a handful of our fav peeps does include a full set up, flowers, themed stationery (which we've sent out to everyone including ourselves and my own parents..), colour coordinate cupcakes, limeade, wedding favours and the full works. our wedding theme is derived from our map which we dutifully mark places we've visited separately and yellow dots on every place we explore together. (also cos i love polka dots and happy colours!)

just the other day, daniel spotted an AMAZING gown from Calvin Klein, canary yellow with a train in light flowy satin, way too formal for a front yard wedding but insisted i put it on. it was beautiful. dramatic, showed off my tan nicely and i love the way he looked when i walked out. but took a peek at the price tag and marched it right back to the racks.. "its not everyday you get married, love" said daniel.. 

so true but wait, not everyone gets married 5 times too, darlin! :)

image from inchmark journal


  1. wow...
    Well Zhing if there is one thing about you, it is that you never seize to surprise me! 5 weddings, at least that way I can at least attend the grand one next year ;) That is SO cute that you guys are having so many ceremonies, I need more details so PLEASE e-mail me!! Lots of love xxx

  2. Re: wow...
    will do! :)
    you bet i'd be expecting you at one if not more of our weddings! come for the dancing one. it will be SUPER fun.. lovies!!!

  3. 5 weddings? That's so fun... you can practically write a story with 5 chapters. :)

  4. aw dear! yay! 5 times is wonderful! show he gown dear :)
    i am just so thrilled for u love! :)

  5. no gowns until number 4 party!! so just fun dresses so far!! thanks for sharing my excitement, babe!! :)

  6. haha. true, but im practically tearing my hair out..


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