Tuesday, April 7, 2009

wedding inspiration: say 'i do ' at home

okay i must admit first and foremost that we had already decided on our venue before i read this article. a little unsure and unconventional considering my home is not glamourous, it has tiles from the 60's and is not huge.

but we picked it for it was:

1) small enough for our handful of guests
2) i can spend months setting up and scrubbing every inch of the floors clean.
3) it's free!!
4) i love the new coat of paint that goes perfectly with my theme.
5) its a garden wedding!! 
6) my parents celebrated their engagement, my uncle's wedding, my birth, every single birthday every since and many other wonderful soirees. all in this little humble space of ours.

but we are still cracking our brains how to dress up my tiled concrete floor, vintage window fixings, antique feature wall without doing anything major.

when i saw this wedding from jo goddard's blog, a cup of jo, i was most inspired! i love this wedding so much and it reinforces what we believe in! :) something intimate, something small and something you.. and best part is, its the entire wedding already, not just part #1 of 5 weddings *sigh*. i love the dress, the paper lanterns, the brick house and the mason bell jars! perfect! and i always dreamed of having a chalk wall in my own house! :) more from this wedding from here! 


  1. Oh my the chalk wall is awesome!

  2. i love it! so cute. in lowe's (usa) you can buy chalk board paint so all you do is coat your wall with that! viola! :)

  3. you can buy chalkboard paint in singapore too dear!
    millie (passerby)

  4. amazing! thanks so much millie !:)

  5. there is this crafty shop at wheelock that sells chalkboard paints in different colors. they even come in pink i think! (;
    millie x

  6. woah! i like the idea of getting wed at home! makes it a really private and intimate affair, which is what it should be in the first place!! i cannot abide with having to smile and act friendly to strangers all night long. sigh
    so is this your final decision already?? or you are still considering other venues?? let us know alright? :D

  7. haha. if only this is the only wedding. we only managed to convince my parents to do the ROM at home. everything else is still up for grabs! :)


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