Tuesday, April 7, 2009


we recently welcomed a few babies into the world. my cousin's beautiful child number 4, elizabeth (don't really know her real name yet. but elizabeth sounds right..), michael poteet (stef's gorgeous baby boy), sophie schumacher (vicky's beautiful number two) and a lovely postcard with a cutie, anna arenholz.. they are such wonderful little kids, bringing so much joy to their familes! we cant wait to meet each and everyone of them! im sure they will turn out to be wonderful little people. wow 2009 is indeed a good year of new beginnings!

but when their birthing details came through, we found ourselves reading the things like name of hospital, their weight, colour of hair (if there is hair in the first place..) date and time of birth, size etc and our conversation probably sounded like this:

z: urm whats 7 pounds like?
d: i dunno. maybe a bag of green beans
z: like a big or small bag
d: *shrugs* small. she looks like a small bag. how long is 20 inch?
z: like the size of my feet maybe?
d: i dunno about that..hmm caesarian birth. interesting...
z: (getting antsy from babytalk) it means the spawn was cut out from your cousin's tummy instead of being pooped out. rough.
d: ...

wow. we're so not ready for children.


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