Thursday, March 12, 2009

wedding stuff: ring pillow

a sudden burst of wed-spiration struck on monday and we (me and mom) whisked out a old strip of fabric and made us (me and daniel) a ring pillow. mum sewed, i embroidered, i stuffed, mum re-stuffed cos she thought it was flimsy, she restitched the edges complaining how home ed did not teach me a single good stitch.. and we fought for hours if the bow should be big and fluffy or small and neat. (verdict: small and neat cos my ring is too tiny, according to mum.. *bah*) it was kitschy, homey and personal. and  I LOVE IT.... and i love it more cos my mum made it. and i was at peace with the world..

until... i saw this!

OMG this pilow kicks ass. if i had a dress, i would love for it be look this this! *boohoo*.. and its lovingly handsewn by Sarah Lansdale. Yes i don't know who sarah is but she is one damn creative and talented ring pillow creator. I LOVE IT! its so chic and classy!! and neat!!

ah! im torn. so im turning to you!! which would you use, darlings?

a) mum's hard work
b) this beautiful masterpiece
c) shuddup you crazy bride-to-be, its a freakin ROM!!

i would totally post a picture of (a) but daniel has not seen it and the last time he pitched a fit when he found out his own wedding plans from my blog *oops*


  1. LOL!!
    why not you mms a pic of mom's ring pillow to Daniel first, after that post it here and show us, so that we can see??? :p

  2. hey, call me old fashion or whatnots, i thought what mum's does will be what im sure i will treasure for the rest of my life!

  3. (c) for me wahahahha... but if i had to choose, i'd say go with mom's touch :)

  4. i opt for a...
    hmm.. possible to add lace to your mom's version?

  5. babe, what does the ring pillow look like la? but honestly...i'd go for mama's hard work =) one and only u know...and u've gotta make all ur effort worthwhile too!

  6. i will show daniel over the weekend! looks like i have overwhelming votes for my mum's ring pillow though...

  7. i know! i feel insane losing sleep over a friggin' ring pillow of all things! *yikes*

  8. i know but i can give to phibo and unpick my embroidery from it right! haha..
    p.s. now that you know i can make ring pillows you can exploit my expertise! :)

  9. best of both worlds! good idea actually. i go ask if mum can add some trimmings!

  10. lol...u can make pompom chickies as my wedding favours =P

  11. can you pick something easier and better looking?
    p.s. im so guilty this year we're doing away from easter gifts. so terrible.


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