Saturday, March 14, 2009

down memory lane with mum.. (warning: not a heartwarming post!!

out of the blue, mum suddenly said "ya! you were a really ugly kid." I nearly choked and died. excuse me, the woman who carried me in her stomach for 9 month, whom i inherited half, if not most, of my DNA from.. what in the world are you talking about.. *sigh*

she went on to elaborate how everyone used to comment on my quirky choice of eyeglasses. i was myopic from age 4 so think little girl with glasses heavier than her own cheeks. to make things worse, i seem to have a penchant for crazy neon coloured plastic frams! *sigh* why didn't the fashion police send me a summon. even daddy, who is my most avid supporter, had to agree.

and how thankful she was that nanyang had such strict school and fashion rules (or lack there of) that she did not have to get into the usual mother-teenage-daughter angsty stage of if i could colour my hair, put on make up, pierce my nose. and she dug out pictures of my dorky pre-braces days with cotton puff hair in my pillow-case uniform! omg... and they continue to grill me with "did you remember what she wore then.." and "OMG! and how about the time she got that terrible haircut..." so painful to think about it.

and hoping to end the entire conversation in a civilized fashion i asked mum "wow! how do you love someone so not pretty". prompting something aww-worthy like "you had a beautiful heart" or "it was a passing phase in your life, you were beauty queen material a few months later.." but no, did not get anything like that. she proudly announced, "oh! i guess you were quite cute at the start and by the time you got ugly, i already loved you." wow. thanks mom! i love you too...

and for obvious reason, i won't be showing you the above mentioned pictures and you, unfortunately, already know how i look now.. so i'll part for the weekend with a sweet picture of chubby me. winter in melbourne before everything went downhill..


blessed weekend, folks! :)


  1. He he. In their head they're probably thinking "wow, our little girl has grown up so fast! It was just yesterday when..."
    My mom gives me the same conversation from time to time. But in the end she always tell me, "you're all grown up now and are capable of doing things on your own."

  2. awww.. your mum is precious. at least she says that. my mum kept harping on the fact that i was/am really not so attractive. *sigh*

  3. Such a cute little you! I cannot imagine you ugly, honest! But geeky maybe. :P c'mon, whatever it is, you look fab now! I was such an ugly child too!! I myself admit it! Hhahahahaha....

  4. i guess all mums are alike, my mum always say so and so has a pretty daughter, while i was going through my streetdancing days. She simply cannot stand all my baggy jeans and whatnots. But hey, now you are all fab beyond, so enjoy yourself!

  5. YES! my mom does that ALWAYS! and keeps telling me to drink birds nest to make my skin prettier.. -_-

  6. Hey! I saw your lovely mom yesterday near The Cathay. she is one HAWT mama!! Looks so young and she is slim like you! and maintains so well!!

  7. OMG yes she was there! haha! :) for dinner and a movie till midnight!! so happening, right?


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