Monday, February 2, 2009

a spot of sunshine.

saturday, i woke up knowing that i needed a perk me up, just something away from the economic doom & gloom, the impending big move and from missing the boy.

jumped into something cosy, stumbled into big aunt's place, the aunt with the best chicken wings in town, picked at the charred black tips, chatted with my 4th aunt who shared a beautiful poem and some wise thoughts on marriage. its lovely when you grow up and family start treating you like friends. and the poem, i love it. maybe i'll get her to read it at our wedding.

then drove furiously to carol's place, met cookie, cooped myself in the art room for an conference call, and sat around for the rest of the afternoon googoogagaing over shaun's new toys and cookie. a serious pang of home-envy. received the cutest picture book, autographed and illustrated by eeshaun, beautiful ribbon bracelet from dick, gossip girl from deaf and more engagement gifts. took a spin around in friends' new vintage porsche, reminded by deaf that that would make an awesome wedding car! *weehee* good thinking girlie!! i love how my friends are so excited by my wedding and started planning it on my behalf! hah! :)

picked up some oily mid-day grub, rolled around the comfy sofa a bitty more with cookie, trooped out for scoops and walked around the estate nibbling on our cones. had bakchormee near deaf's and rolled home all happy and positive. really good for the soul and clears the mind.

spilling with excitement from the day's event, i rang daniel in cambodia. viola! he had a fabulous day too buying cheap DVDs and walking around dusty ole town of phnom penh. which was brilliant because its just no fun living somewhere exciting but never leaving the hotel or office! shared little giggles and tucked each other into bed as happy as a jellybean!

picture by justin marantz

current fav theme of the dearly beloved: dusty pink & grey.

no one's counting how many times this will change, i hope!


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