Friday, January 30, 2009

this spring..

the reality just sunk in when shanny gave me a handful of japanese yen (thanks babe.. i will use it specifically to buy something pretty.) but we're bought our tickets to Japan in late march! :) we'd be spending some time in tokyo, kyoto and nagoya. needless to say, im super excited about it as its my first trip to land of the rising sun and the dearly beloved cant wait to show me places he lived in, favorite hang-out and his family.(read: japanophile) daniel would be running the tokyo marathon and i'm hoping we're there for the cherry blossom season!! so a little treat for everyone.

i love this picture from heather.

actually, i love her entire photoset! and wish i take pictures like that.

actually, cherry blossoms would make a lovely theme for wedding! just for its beauty, colour and also the message of hope and blessing! :) would love to have a bride do this theme! cept, don't get many cherry blossom blooms in singapore. (think we get none!) what a shame!!! :) 


  1. ooohhh... another holiday!!
    I seem to have the feeling that I read about a holiday about every 20 blog posts or so.. =P

  2. haha! bitten by the travel bug! plus there are so many wonderful places i've not visited!! :)
    where are you off to next?


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